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Maui Engagement Photo1. Maui Engagement Photos

Natalie Brown went out of her way for the would-be-groom to discretely capture the surprise of a marriage proposal in Maui, Hawaii.  She shared these precious photos with us and we love them! Since posting this on Maui Goodness, some other romantic grooms followed suit.  They also had Natalie shoot photos of the Big Moment.

Maui Celebrities2. Celebrities in Maui

We briefly described why celebrities come to Maui, and which ones live on Maui.  We also mention our own personal experiences with a few celebs that come to Maui often (Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Horace Grant, Nicole Kidman, etc…)  If this is what you’re into, you can see more by checking out the Latest Celebrity Sighting in Maui.

snorkeling prego3. Snorkeling When Pregnant

For the most part, snorkeling while pregnant can be done without danger and can be a great way to get some exercise while increasing the mother’s happiness (both very important for a healthy pregnancy.) We share some of our own experiences, photos and a video of us snorkeling on our actual due date!  If conditions are good, and safety is a priority, it should be ok.

hana lessons4. Two Lessons Learned on the Road to Hana

After filming sights along the Road To Hana for 11 hours, there are a few striking lessons learned.  Learn why you can’t possibly see everything and what you should try to do.  Also, we share why Hana residents are so frustrated with tourist traffic and how to keep from being “one of those tourists.”  The Road to Hana is a must do while visiting Maui, but make sure you do it the right way.

makawao forest5. Makawao Forest Reserve

Makawao Forest Reserve is a great place to hike, and even better to mountain bike.  There are loads of great jumps and berms to hit on the downhill.  We saw at least a dozen bikers cross our path as we made our journey. Here we share the hike, photos, and the types of trees/plants you’ll find along the way. Find out more about this gorgeous, protected Maui forest.

falls6. Maui Waterfalls

We’ve shared the top 5 waterfalls on Maui.  Located mauka of Wailele Farm at at mile marker #2, “Twin Falls” is what visitors often call the waterfalls in this area.  The closest fall (a 5 minute walk from the Farmstand) is on the right and perfect for swimming.  Further up in the left side, you can hike for around 30 minutes to what is often called the “Caveman Falls.”  These falls are what people traditionally call Twin Falls.

tvrs7. Illegal Maui Rentals

An illegal transient vacation rental is a home that is being rented to Maui visitors without getting the required permitting.  Yes, it’s very difficult to get the legal permitting, and some homes are great candidates to be legal Maui vacation rentals, but just haven’t gotten everything signed and passed through. We share both the good and bad and let people discuss the controversy surrounding TVR’s.

hawaii home8. 10 Tips for Selling your Hawaii Home

Here are our Top Ten Tips for selling your Home in Hawaii (in no particular order of importance.)  The entrance to your home is a crucial part of the sale. If you have a rust bike next to the door with a half dead plant, it matter how nice it is inside. Put extra time into dressing up the front door and foyer of the house, but don’t over clutter it.

Maui Sharks9. Chances of Being Attacked by A Shark

Learn what to do when a shark is near, and why you shouldn’t fear them as much as you do.  We also list Maui and Hawaii shark attack statistic to hopefully calm your nerves. We’ve been in the ocean in Maui many times where there was probably a shark nearby.  Basically, we’ve found that sharks don’t care much about people, and if anything, they’re afraid of us.

health10. Health & Wellness on Maui

The following are excellent experiences and services, organized by area of the island, for the purpose of increasing your mental, emotional and physical health. Whether you’re a permanent resident or vacationing on Maui, take advantage of these world-renowned professionals.


More Popular Maui Posts

Hawaii Camera Rentals

hawaii cameraInstead of wasting space and money lugging all your expensive camera gear to Hawaii, rent it when you arrive. This is a great and affordable way to try out new photo equipment. They even rent projectors, computers and professional audio gear. Pick up your rentals on Oahu or Maui, or schedule a delivery to anywhere else in Hawaii.


Maui Personal Injury Lawyer

lawIf you’re a local Maui resident and have experienced a personal injury or have a family member that died wrongfully, call Jan K. Apo, local lawyer with over 30 years of experience. If you’re just visiting Maui and believe you were put in a dangerous position without warning, contact Jan to get the compensation you may deserve.


Maui Sailing – Sunset Cocktail Cruise

sailingLooking for the ultimate South Maui sunset cruise? You’ve found it! Leaving directly from the beach, the Kai Kanani provides a convenient departure for those staying in Makena, Wailea and Kihei. Enjoy a super friendly crew, high tech and beautiful catamaran, intimate vibe, and unlimited cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as you view the beautiful Maui sunset.


Beach Portraits Maui

portraitWant to capture some Maui memories? Schedule a portrait session with your significant other, family or friends on one of West Maui’s most beautiful beaches. Grins 2 Go offers affordable rates and high quality photography out of Kaanapali Beach. Call or visit them online to book a session.


Snorkeling Maui

snorkelSnorkeling is our favorite activity on Maui. Enjoy the spectacular clear water and see amazing underwater life, including sea turtles, manta rays and beautiful coral. Visit one of our favorite spots, including the famous Molokini Crater, Black Rock in West Maui and Ulua in South Maui.


Piiholo Ranch Zipline

ziplineWe strongly believe that this is the best zipline tour in Maui. They take great safety measures, have the longest side-by-side zipline in Hawaii, allow you to zip at the same time as your friends, cross a suspension bridge, challenge you on the Tango Tower, and guide you on horseback ride through the locally owned Piiholo Ranch.


Sailing from Maalaea Harbor

yachtWhile Maalaea Harbor offers many unique sailing charters, this luxury yacht provides private charters. Want to pick your own spots and the people invited on the boat? This is the answer. Join the ranks of high profile celebrities and charter the Island Star around Maui’s most beautiful spots, including South and West Maui as well as other islands like Lanai and Molokai.


Massage Stories – Maui, China, Bali

good-massageIf ultimate relaxation is on your agenda, read about the Best and Worst Massages in Maui, China and Bali. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to relax in paradise, and we want to make sure you’re in for a treat, not a nightmare, on your trip.