Maui has something for everyone, but it’s not often all in the same place.  If you’re in a group that can’t decide on what to do and where to go, Maui Tropical Plantation is the solution that will thrill everyone!


Wild Thing

If someone in your group is craving an adrenaline rush, flying from a tower over the plantation will suit them just fine.  Maui Zip Lines offers a zipline tour, going from tower to tower around the property.  You’ll get a birds-eye view of the tropical paradise that surrounds this ultra-fun sport!  And even kids can be a part of the fun if they feel like trying out their ziplining wings! 

Maui Zip Line


Shopper Sally

No need to go to the local mall or tourist strip to fill your souvenir quota.  The Country Store offers everything Maui, from local lilikoi jams to handcrafted wooden koa bowls.  If art is up your alley, then head over to Rebecca Lowell Art Gallery.  These paintings will remind you of Maui long after you’ve left!  There is also a handmade jewelry booth and locally made soap.  You’ll fill your bags with authentically Hawaiian goodies!

country store


Jungle Cruise

Some people prefer to sit back and enjoy the view without exerting too much effort (you are on vacation after all!).  If this suits someone in your group, throw them on the Tropical Tram Tour!  This 40-minute ride takes them through the  banana and coffee fields.  There is even a coconut husking demonstration at the end!  A narrated ride through this stunning property for all ages! 

Tropical Tram Tour


Dig in!

Maybe you’re looking for an entertaining evening, being wined and dined.  Maui Tropical Plantation has two options to choose from.  If you want to step up your culinary experience, check their event calendar for the exclusive Chef’s Table.  The Mill House chefs have been dazzling guests with sold-out 9-course dinners for years.  You get to see behind the masters curtain and experience the thrill of preparing a 5-star feast.  

Maui Chefs Table

Option number two is equally thrilling, with a dinner at the Mill House Restaurant.  Here you’ll choose your own courses and enjoy the unparalleled view of the Waikapu Valley while enjoying delicious food prepared using ingredients from organic farms on the property. From farm fresh salads to homemade gnocchi, every ingredient is carefully picked and prepared.  Open for lunch or dinner every day, this meal may be one of the best decisions you make on your vacation!

The Mill House Restaurant


History Buffs

Some people love to connect to the history of a place, and there is plenty of that at Maui Tropical Plantation.  On location is the beloved locomotive, “Claus”, named after the sugar baron Claus Spreckels. After a $200,000 facelift, this beauty is worth taking a peek at!  Maui Tropical Plantation is also the temporary home to Kalakaua Coach, also known as the Kings Car.  This first class railroad coach carried King David Kalakaua to the unveiling of the statue of King Kamehameha in Kapaau.  

The Claus


Animal Lovers

Kids, young and old, get a kick out of feeding the flock of ducks that live on the property.  Their food can be bought in the Country Store for $2, and that will buy you the duck’s everlasting love!  And those that aren’t keen on feeding these fellows can take a seat under the palm trees and gaze across the beautiful tropical grounds and mountainside views.


Marvelous memories are waiting for you at Maui Tropical Plantation!  Make your way over there today and pick those memories up!