fish hawaiianThis is our 100th blog post on the Maui Goodness!  We started in 2007 with a short list of ways to save money in Maui.  Since then, we’ve spoken about the many things to do in Maui, Maui weddings, Maui real estate, Maui news and much more.  It’s been a fun ride, and we’re continuing with today’s post honoring SNORKELING!

Snorkeling is our favorite thing to do in Hawaii.  Yes, even more than surfing, hiking, diving, etc…  The reason being that you can almost always go snorkeling somewhere on the island and have an amazing experience.  Surfing needs waves, hiking needs good weather and a lot of time, scuba needs heavy equipment, but snorkeling needs some inexpensive gear, some clear water, and very little time.

Our favorite places to snorkel are at:

  • Molokini Crater (Boat Destination)


    The crater has incredible visibility.  On certain days, you can get the same visibility off the shore, but the abundance of sea life at Molokini is pretty amazing.  Also, taking a boat out is a lot of fun.  We enjoy getting the full experience with meals, coral gardens, and a cocktail on the way back.  Molokini Tours offer a great trip from Maalaea Harbor. We like them because their staff is great, the price is right, and we’ve never had a bad experience.  Maalaea is an excellent place to leave from since it’s close to Wailea, and not far from Lahaina either.


  • fishBlack Rock (West Maui)


    We love grabbing some towels and gear, heading down to Kaanapali Beach, and enjoying some snorkeling between beach time.  It’s one of the prettiest beaches on Maui, and the snorkeling around Black Rock is great and easy to get to.  Keep in mind that once you get to the end of the rock, currents can become stronger.  Also, cliff divers often jump off the rock repeatedly, so stay clear of that area.


  • Ulua (South Maui)


    Mokapu and Ulua beach sandwich a reef outcropping that harbors many turtles and ocean life.  We’ve seen huge manta rays, loads of fish, and beautiful coral here.  At the second reef, there’s a turtle cleaning station.  The station is pretty deep and better to get to when scuba diving, but it’s still worth a gander.


We hope you enjoy your next snorkeling trip on Maui.  Remember to be safe and to pay attention to all signage.  It’s always best to let people know before you go and ALWAYS snorkel with a buddy.  If you’ve never snorkeled a spot before, ask an expert before going out.  Aloha!