Here we list the large organizations effectively helping with Maui fire relief and recovery along with verified individuals that are in need of direct help. Please donate your money here, and consider recurring donations!

Verified = People we know, trust, love and/or the organizations they run.

Verified Organizations

  • Maui Strong Fund – Everything from organizing volunteers to deploying financial resources. 100% funds go to the community, no fees taken.
  • Maui Mutual Aid – Funds and support to the displaced disabled, under or uninsured, and elderly ran by volunteers.
  • Maui Food Bank – For every dollar, they’re able to supply 4 meals to the hungry on Maui.
  • Safe Havens – 100% goes to food costs in making 500 meals a day for Maui shelters.  With more donations, they may get to 1000/day!
  • Maui Humane Society – Taking in and caring for displaced animals.
  • Fresh Help Maui – Captain Chimo is delivering gasoline, propane, and other crucial aid to West Maui daily.

maui line

Verified Individuals in Need

  • Joel Winicki – He and his team have been working tirelessly to clear trees and brush in Kula.  last 4 of his phone# is 8632. His team are probably the most urgent of need to help Kula. He gets no pay and works all day.
  • Keanini Ohana – Generational Lahaina family of over 100 years lost 3 homes.
  • Casco-DeLeon Ohana – Multi-generational home burned.  They lost everything.
  • ‘Ohana Garcia – The Garcia’s lost their home which raised many Lahaina locals.
  • Pili Dunn ‘Ohana – Pili Kekai Dunn passed away on the 13th, and his family needs help.
  • Pat, Erna, Ercia – Canuto Seatriz, Pat’s father, landed here in 1946 to work in the sugar cane fields. They lost everything. Last 4 of phone #7125.
  • Desiree Ampong – The general manager at Ultimate Air lost her childhood home. Her parents and multiple family members are displaced and many of them living with her & caring for them.
  • The Williams Family – They lost their home and business. 100% direct to them.
  • The Castillo Ohana – A family of 7 lost their home, businesses, vehicles and their life savings in cash.
  • Heather MauiBelle – Heather lost her home, car, and all her possessions.
  • Uncle Bully – He taught our kids to surf, among many others.  Great guy.  He and his family lost their homes, cars, and belongings.
  • Ulrich Kirkegaard – He and his wife lost their home and business.
  • Maui’s Best Massage – Sam Molitas’ newly opened massage spa in Lahaina burned along with equipment, supplies, furnishings, etc… There’s few people I trust more and want back on his feet more than Sam.
  • Doan Family – They lost their business and home.
  • Unverified Direct Aid – Approx. 1000 GoFundMe campaigns for individuals, families, and organizations. We haven’t verified anyone on this list, but if you recognize anyone on it, you can check it yourself.
    maui line

Verified Groups in Need