10 Tips to save money in Maui, HawaiiHere are 10 ways to save money and not lose the bank when traveling in Maui, Hawaii.

1. Rent a Condo

The big fancy resorts are great but you can share a 2 bedroom condo with friends for 1/2 the cost of one room.

2. Eat In

The first tip is crucial on this one. If you have a kitchen where you’re staying, you’ll save a fortune on meals. Eat at least breakfast and lunch here. You can make sandwiches for lunch on the road. Hit up Costco on the way in. Also, do a couple of BBQ’s instead of pricy dinners every night.

3. Plan Plenty of Beach Days

The beach is free. Even some mor elaborate beach activities are cheap. Snorkeling can be done for near to nothing a day in rentals.

4. Don’t get Sucked into Tourist Traps

They are everywhere. Figure out what you want to do online before you arrive on the island.

5. Watch the Airline Prices

Some airlines to Hawaii will offer incredible deals last minute. Get on their mailing lists.

6. Rent an Economy Car

Gas is more expensive in Hawaii than any other state in the nation. You will be driving a lot, so save on gas with a smaller car. Plus, economy cars are cheaper per day to rent.

7. Read the 101 Things to Do in Maui

Choose your favorite 30 and then widdle it down to the free activities. You’ll be plenty busy still and will have a blast.

8. Get Up Early

Maui is best enjoyed during the day. This way you’ll hit the hay earlier and eat less expensive dinners. You’ll also spend more time doing cheap daytime activities.

9. Give Your Bar Tab a Rest

Though it is illegal to drink on the beachesĀ in Maui, there are plenty of places you can go with a 6 pack and save $200 on Pina Coladas. This is where tip #1 comes in handy again. Make cocktails at home before you go out.

10. Buy Small Souvenirs

You’re going to want to bring home the 6 foot tall wooden tiki god, but you’re better off picking up a small bag worth of souvenirs at the shops or boutiques to give out to friends.