Maui Zipline

We’ve been on every Maui zipline tour, and we strongly feel that Piiholo Zipline offers the best tours.  Below we outline exactly why we feel this way:

  • Zipline MauiSafety – We like that you don’t have to use your hands.  Some zipline courses use trolleys that necessitate you using your hands to slow down, and/or keep yourself from spinning around.  Piiholo trolleys keep you zipping facing forward the entire time without fail.
  • Length of Ride – Their 5th zipline in the course is the longest side-by-side zipline in Hawaii.  That means you’re moving fast and high for the longest time.  It’s really nice to have the time to look around and appreciate the scenery and realize exactly what you’re doing.
  • Side-By-Side – Piiholo offers lines side-by-side, so you can zip at the same time as your friends.  It’s fun to try racing others while flying through the air. It also speeds up the tour and minimizes wait time.
  • Suspension Bridge – To enter the zipline course you cross a 317 -foot long suspension bridge.  This is a great way to start your adventure.
  • Tango Tower – What is a Tango Tower?  It’s a 6 sided climbing tower with all kinds of challenges from rock wall to rope climbing.  This is a wonderful place to work on Team Building exercises. (contact to reserve.)
  • HorseBack Riding – Piiholo is a locally owned ranch with other tours including Horseback.  This means you can do more than just zipline and rope climb in the same day without wasting the time to drive out again.

Piiholo Ranch Zipline is located in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii.  You can book their activities at the best price by calling (808) 572-1717 or online at Zipline Maui.

Maui zipline

Thank you Greg Hoxsie for your excellent Maui commercial Photography. Your photos help enormously in telling the story!