Maui Engagement PhotosNatalie Brown Photography recently shared a photoshoot with us that is truly unique.  She was hired to secretly photograph an engagement on the beach.  As she told us the story, you could tell how it affected her just by the enthusiasm in her voice.  She went on to explain how she’s enjoyed shooting photos of hundreds of weddings and family portraits on the beach, but when someone comes up with a fun idea like this, Natalie experiences a whole new appreciation for her job.  She explained that she had a friend pretend to model for her up at a distance so that if she was caught by the bride, she wouldn’t suspect anything. The bride had no idea that it was coming, and you can tell from her reaction.

We thought we’d share this with you because it’s nice to see photos with genuine emotion captured.  We also want to spur some creative thought and romance in our future visitors to Maui. The valley isle is full of incredible spots to pop the question.

If you’re interested in doing a surprise engagement photoshoot in Maui, give Natalie a call or visit her site for Maui Engagement Photos.  She’s got it wired.

Maui Engagement