We’ve recently been running some giveaways and contests on our Hawaii Facebook Page.  The following are some of our favorite submissions by our Facebook fans about their favorite Maui memories.  We hope this brings a smile to your face.  To see the winners of 4 Hawaii iPhone cases, see the best Maui stories.

I have a few good memories of Maui, but how can anyone have any bad ones. My fiance and I were in Maui last year in March. We were married at Makena Cove in the rain. We thought that was bad luck, but in fact, some locals that were on the beach witnessing said the rain was good luck. On another day we thought that we would try to do some snorkeling just off of the place where we were staying (Kaanapali resorts) and as beginners we looked like two beached whales flopping around trying to get on our flippers. We sat too close to the water’s edge and the waves kept flipping us over. It was hilarious and we were wondering why everyone kept walking sideways in those things…we figured it out afterward. We also went whale watching and for some reason it made me cry. I think just being in such a beautiful place and having the opportunity to watch those beautiful creatures was just breathtaking. When I am in not such a good mood and I need to find my “happy place”, I think about Maui and those whales. That memory always takes me back to Maui even if I cannot be there, I’m there in spirit. Oh and let’s not forget the Tsunami. We were supposed to leave that Friday, but Thursday night we had to evacuate our room and move to a higher level floor. All flights were canceled, but when we were able to leave and fly to Honolulu to catch our flight back to the mainland, there wasn’t another flight out until Sunday. So we were able to stay in Hawaii for 2 extra days. What great memories and we hope to get back to Maui next year when my business takes off and we are financially okay. Thank you! Oh, and I love the pink cover. A Hui Hou!
by Olivia

Mauimy favorite family vacation to Maui was when our youngest son was almost one(it was our family of 5 and my parents) – we celebrated Easter on Maui (which was awesome) and our little one decided to take his first steps while we were there…such a great memory. We tried coming to Maui every-other year but financially have not been able to do that the last couple of years. would love to come back!
by Julie

I have sooo many “favorite” Maui memories. From spending relaxing time with our family, walking down Keawakapu hand in hand with my husband, snorkeling the crystal clear blue waters off the Mana Kai to exploring the “un-touristy” parts of the island. But hands down, my favorite Maui memory is all the wonderful people we have met through our years of visiting, many who we now call friends. The people, the ALOHA…that is my best memory. Thanks!
by Tami

My Favourite Maui memory was celebrating our first morning as a married couple by welcoming the sunrise at the summit of Haleakala. Just as the sun peeped over the summit a native Hawaiian was performing a traditional chant. The experience was very spiritual and one we will never forget. What a perfect way to start married life (August 12th, 2011).
by Sarah

Favorite Maui memory: 2005 was my 25th wedding anniversary. Dear wife and I had never had a REAL vacation in that whole time, so I planned a SURPRISE Maui vacation. The trip was in November. On the day of our anniversary in September, I gave her a framed certificate that said she had earned an 8 day, 7 night all expenses paid vacation to a tropical paradise. Nothing else. For two months she prodded me but I never let her know where we were going. We flew out of Eugene, OR to San Fran. This was her first time flying, so she missed it when the person behind the counter confirmed that we were flying through to Maui. It wasn’t until we reached our gate at SFO that she knew we were Maui bound!!
by Dennis

I just got back from 2 weeks in Hawaii. The last 10 of those days we were on Maui. I stayed at the Bay Villas at Kapalua and the joy and peace I found just sitting on the lanai looking for the last of the whales and enjoying the spectacular sunsets, has got to be what heaven is like. Sooooo worth the 12-hour trip to get there. There’s no place like Maui, LOVE IT!
by Cathy

One time when out sailing a whole school of Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins was running with the boat. We stopped and they stayed there. So I jumped off the boat and was in the middle of them swimming all around me. I had my arms outstretched and they would touch my hands.
by Joan

My favorite Maui memory was going to Maui with my Mom for a girls-only trip and enjoying our drive to Hana and black sand beach. We stopped many many times along the way stopping at fruit stands, Ho’okipa, Paia, bamboo trail…all precious memories spent on the island with my mom 3 years ago yesterday!
by Kerrie

My favorite Maui memory is going into Lahaina on Front Street, eating at Kimo’s, and getting my first tattoo at Spikes Westside Ink. He designed it with my help and I love it! We were there on a company trip, which only gave us 4 days in Maui, but as we speak, we have been saving for our return trip and also to look for a home to rent or buy so that we may live. We left our hearts in Maui for sure♥. If I win the phone case I would love the pink turtle one, long life, which will match with my next tat I am getting! Maholo!
by Frannie

We just got back from Maui yesterday….Yep, back to Texas and all the heat! There wasn’t ever a bad time on Maui! I loved the Swap Meet shopping! So many beautiful things to see and buy! I love all the jewelry on the island, so different! The trip to the crater was awesome! Such a beautiful view even tho it was of cloud’s, well worth the trip to see. Probably the best part of Maui that we have ever seen is the Luau at the Marriott. The dancing was awesome, the food was great. Being on the beach looking out at the water as the background of all the entertainment was grand! Just driving around seeing the site’s, swimming in the ocean…the flowers and the palm trees! Life was good on our 12 day trip to Maui!
by Marie

Best Maui memory: Last month my daughter and I took our first trip to Maui and we decided to learn to surf! (I am 48 and this was way out of my comfort zone) We both agreed it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of our lives. I had such a great instructor that I got up on my first wave! We love MAUI!
by Carrie

Our best memory of Maui is definitely our 2-year-old’s first time being on the beach was at the beach by the Marriott hotel in Makena area… we enjoyed him amazed by staring at the ocean. Ocean in Hawaii means a lot for us because we named our son’s name, “Kai” as we know it means “ocean” in Hawaii… it’s no surprise that he wasn’t even scared when he fell in the water on that day, but he just wanted to go back in there [:D] Best family vacation ever it was in November 2011!!!!
by Hiromi

My favorite Maui memory was during our honeymoon 2 years ago in May. We did the standard road to Hana and we read somewhere about a Red Sand beach. It was inaccessible by cars and no clear trails or anything. So we got out of the car and just wandered around in the bush for a while until we saw someone else walking. We quickly found what looked like a trail and took it. Straight down to a tiny red sand beach. It was treacherous as my wife was wearing flip-flops. We got down there and I’m like “no way this is the beach it’s too small and not really beachy, and it actually had quite violent waters.
Luckily we saw a dog running on another trail near us and we were able to find the real trail and proceeded to the gorgeously hidden red sand beach. The way back was way easier and we laughed at the treacherous route we took when there was a much safe…almost flip-flop sandal-friendly path to take!
It was a great little adventure and go to see the beauty of the beach as well…hands down my favorite memory from Maui
by Troy

Favorite time in Maui was 2 years ago last Feb. Our 27 years together anniversary. Stayed in a lil mother in law house at the end of a cul-de-sac in Haiku. Drove down a block every morning to watch the local surfers ride their first waves as the sun was coming up.
Then we would drive to the west side & go whale watching on these amazing little mini-cruises. Whales so close I could almost reach out & touch them. Tears rolling down my cheeks as I video the Momma & baby coming up for air right before our eyes. I still tear up when I see the videos.
So in Love in this beautiful paradise. We’re saving to come this next February 2013 to celebrate 30 years together. Can’t think of ANY place on earth I wanna be with the LoVe of my life;~}
My video wouldn’t load…I will try a pic…
It was like she was waving at us after the show as she danced around swimming off into the sunset. It really was just magical
by Lavender

My favorite Maui memory was snorkeling in the water off of Black Rock and seeing all the fish and coral and then a sea turtle can right up to me. It kept following me. It was so beautiful to see so close. It was very calming to me.
by Kathleen

I got Married to the man of my dreams on 2/25/06 on Lahaina Beach. We had our reception at the old Lahaina Luau. it was perfect. We waited 10 years to plan the perfect wedding and it was a dream come true.
by Rachelle

I was visting my husband (then boyfriend) who was stationed at Hickam AFB. He told me we were going to go on a whale watch cruise for the day in Oahu, so he told me to pack a light bag and a change of clothes for the day. Well…after several turn of events on our way to the “Maui whale watch cruise” we ended up at the airport…he forgot to mention that we were going to watch whales in Maui. We boarded a flight to Maui and got our rental car and first drove to Lahaina, where we had lunch at Cheese burgers in Paradise and then on to Wailea, where my next surprise awaited…we were staying at The Kea Lani (now Fairmont Kea Lani). However on our way to Wailea, we stopped at the lookout (can’t remember name) and right there below us we saw whales and a baby whale breached right there…it was amazing! We continued on to the resort where I thought, I was a princess checking into the Kea Lani. It was amazing. We had a wonderful stay in Maui and always go back…because Maui holds a special place in heart! obviously, this trip was planned to a T to surprise me and it did! A hui ho!
by Theresa

My greatest memory on Maui was swimming/snorkeling at Black Rock in Kaaanpali and a pod of dolphins came up and swam with us for about 45 mins. To hear them underwater was absolutely amazing and to watch them play with each other was beautiful.
by Pam

On our 25th wedding anniversary, we went to Maui. My husband and daughter wanted to go snorkeling, but I don’t swim very well and was afraid of getting seasick, so I told them I wasn’t going. But my husband kept insisting on me going, would not let it go, so reluctantly I went. When we were near Molokini after they had snorkeled a couple of times I was so upset seasick, took no precautions. (silly me)All of a sudden the captain announced that he had someone on board that wanted to say something.My husband was standing near the captain and said he was so grateful for his wife being a good sport and coming, even though I didn’t want to, he announced he had a gift for me for our anniversary and then gave me a diamond ring! I was so shocked, i couldn’t believe it. It was so precious, because he had bought it at Maui Gold jewelry. I’m still wearing it today. Now I love going on the ocean!
by Barb-Vern

Ok and this is so the truth my Maui Story is we went to Big Beach to experience more waves. As my friend and I stood in the water facing shore a wave came up from behind and totally took us off our feet. When I fianally got my feet back under me my friend starts frantically screaming at me…thinking a shark was about I almost ran to shore when she finally yelled…….you have no pants….the water had taken my bottoms right off and I had no idea!!! Luckily i had a tankini on so the top could be pulled down somewhat till she could go retrieve my shorts……So no on the beach totally mad that I lost my 60 bottoms….about 1 hour later a man teaching his daughter to boogie board pulls them out of the ocean… [:)] And I totally swear its the truth…who would make that up….
by Brenda

I was snorkeling near Kamaole Beach Park 2 in early April 2009 on a day that had the clouds scudding across the sky. I slipped under the water, and looked at a school of fish that were rather unremarkable, and turned away. In my peripheral vision, I saw rainbows as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds – I turned a saw the same school of fish all lit up. Suddenly, they were just GONE. I turned around to see what scared them, and saw 4 sharks that were about 4 feet long chasing after them. This happened about 10 feet from me. A little while later, I poked my head out of the water to drain my mask, and saw a lot of people on shore pointing – I turned around to see a mama whale and her calf swimming along about twice as far out from shore as I was. I raced after to get a better view, but they were gone. On my way back, a turtle with a milky eye swam up form the ocean floor to take a breath – I swam with that magnificent creature for a few minutes until he decided to go back to the depths. This was the most surreal snorkel experience I’ve ever had.
by Bill

It is very difficult to come up with my most favorite Maui experience, but I will share one that includes others who feel the same:
In 1986, after spending a couple of weeks in Japan sightseeing and going to concerts with my friend (and world known, Grammy winning friend Kitaro), I wanted to show him my favorite place on earth … Maui. I gathered up a few of my local friends and we took Kitaro to Haleakala Crater so that he could see the “Moon”. As we hiked about in awe I noticed Kitaro had stopped and was sitting on the edge. He was staring into the crater. While at the same time, he was gracefully moving his hands about, with the artistry and magic of a composer. Later that day when we were all walking back to the ca , I asked him what had been doing. He replied with a big smile on his face, ” I was making beautiful music in my head as I was feeling the energy of the crater”. Maui has the ability to put some people into a very spiritual place. We all felt it that day while enjoying the magnificence of Haleakala Crater.
by Barbara

There are a lot of fantastic memories of Maui, from simple things like cruising the highway in Kihei in our open-air Jeep, to incredible moments, like diving with honu at Turtle Town, or swimming with the fishies 100 feet below at Molokini. But the best-ever moment has to be marrying my best friend in the entire world on Makena Surf Beach in the pouring rain with our families and friends cheering us on, and the sweet sounds of a ukelele surrounding us. The two manta rays that came up on shore near us during our ceremony and flapped in the surf were pretty sweet too! Blessings from Maui all the way. We’re looking forward to relocating to Maui in a few years too. It’s where we know we’re meant to be, and in the meantime we Live Aloha every day from the mainland! Maui no ka oi!
by Lisabeth

My husband and I spent 7 days in Maui last May 2011 on our Honeymoon and it was AMAZING!!!! Everything was perfect about the trip but the best story has to be about the “Time Share” thing, so here it goes:
Well, as you know, when you are a tourist in Maui you pretty much get “suckered” into going to a Time Share event so you can get AWESOME deals on all of the fun activities. My Husband wanted to do the Helicopter ride and I wanted to do the Horseback Ride and the two activities would save us a bunch of money if we went to the Time Share thing… I was pretty much dreading going to this thing, but figured it was worth it since we would got to do beautiful Helicopter Ride and Horseback Ride first. I was kind of bummed a little bit on our Helicopter ride because my husband and I had to sit in the back with another “honeymooners” parents while the other couple of honeymooners got to sit in front with the pilot. (Wouldn’t you think they could sit with their own parents??) Come to find out the new husband was a pilot himself so he always gets to ride up front once he tells everyone he is a pilot… Bummer for us, but what comes around goes around right? So the next day my husband and i went to the Time Share thing and we ran into that other couple that we rode in the helicopter with and said “hi” to eachother but that was it. They got called first to go meet with the time share guy and then we got called a few minutes later (we were informed this would be a 2 – 3 hour ordeal). When we started to talking to the guy he could TOTALLY tell that we were not interested in buying any timeshare since my husband told them that his parents already have one in Maui and we are able to share with them. He then told us that they were WAY short on staff and if we weren’t buying a Condo today we were free to leave… Literally out of there in 10 minutes AND got to keep our activities for the super low price.. That made our day or maybe whole week!! When then got up & walked out of there waving & smiling so BIG to our “friends” that were in the helicopter with us and they were shaking their heads back at us and giving a mean / confused look…It still cracks me up just thinking about it right now!! It was priceless!! [:)]
 by Jeannie

I will never forget watching the sunset over Heleakala on my daughter Katie’s 18th birthday. It was a fantastic memory for all of us!
by Deb

have been there 3 times…once three of my husband’s brothers and wives came along and we had a “brilliant” idea one night to go to the ocean and once in, remove suits – just to say we did!! after a super large wave upended me, the top to my suit disappeared. we looked the next morning to no avail and I’m teased unmercilessly often!! they did get me a new suit at Goodwill…..
by Joleen

My favorite Maui memory was seeing the Dali Lama speak at the War Memorial Stadium, it was a beautiful Maui Day and his presence was so enlightening and made me feel like I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that moment in time. Later as we were leaving the stadium and he was driving away in his limousine flanked by security, he passed right by us, rolled down his window and waved and smiled to me.
by Nancy

While on the isle of Maui we decided to take a drive around the Northwest side. It started out so beautiful – we stopped to see Black Rock and the Blowhole. We kept going and soon realized we had forgotten to eat lunch – we were getting hungry and had no cash. We decided to keep going. The road was windy and only one lane wide! I honked the horn as we came to each curve just in case a car was coming from the other direction. The road twisted and turned and had a fabulous view of the ocean. truly paradise! We felt like we were getting further and further from civilization when we came upon a small town. FOOD we thought. There were a few guys selling banana chips and pineapple slices – we had no cash. Luckily they were willing to barter – 3 Maui Brew beers for a bag of banana chips. Those are the best banana chips we ever had.
On another day we went on a whale watch. LOVE whales! Well, we went in an 18 passenger Zodiac in hopes of a close encounter. We saw whales in the distance and they were very nice. We had been out for about an hour and I was getting a little discouraged when here comes “henry” (we named him) the whale. He swam under out boat and came up on the other side on his back. He then turned over and waved his fin at us. He kept swimming back and forth under our boat and around us for then next half hour. It was truly an amazing experience.
by Rhonda

My favorite memory of you is marrying my best friend in January at your beautiful Po’olenalena Beach. We had an amazing 2 weeks full of whale watching, swimming, sun bathing, relaxing and eating the wonderful food. We especially loved Ululani’s Shave Ice! And Da Kitchen! YUM! Mahalo for the wonderful memories. Aloha, until we meet again.
by Beki

My husband and I got married on Maui (in front of the Mana Kai Maui) in 2006. My parents, his parents, our siblings and three of our grandparents were all able to make the journey from MN to Hawaii! It was an unforgettable experience. When we left, we promised we would go back ATLEAST every 5 years….
Who knew that when we went back on our five year anniversary that we would have a one year old tagging along. My favorite moment was when we arrived back to stay at the Mana Kai Maui (HEAVEN!)….and my daughter was crawling on the very spot that we got married—and at the end of our two week stay—-WALKING on the very spot we got married! My picture at the top of my Facebook page is of my husband, me and my daughter sitting on the very spot we got married….
We are now planning to go BACK to the same spot next summer—so we are heading back within three years this time [:)]
by Megan

One very special memory is while pregnant with my son born on Maui, I used to walk down to Kaanapali beach and dig a little hole in the sand to sink my baby belly into while laying on the sand to soak up some lovely Hawaii sun.
by Brenda

Five years ago my husband and I made our first trip to Maui with some friends to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We stayed at beautiful Napili Shores. The second day there, I fell and sprained my wrist in the tide pools, and had to wear a brace the rest of the trip. A day or two later, we went to Lanai to do some snorkeling. The water wasn’t real clear, but we saw a lot of fish and I had a great time. When we got out of the water, my friend looked at me and said, “What happened to your eyes?” I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, but when she found a mirror, I saw that both of my eyes were black & blue! Apparently, my rented mask was a bit loose, so I was sucking it on my face too hard to keep the water out!! I wore sunglasses until it cleared up!! In spite of all that, we had a fantastic time–and we’re going back in a few weeks to celebrate our 35th!
by Debbie

I spent a summer on Maui in 1986…we had a lot of adventures…we crossed a rope bridge and went swimming in a private pond that had a rope swing. One morning, we drove to the top of Halehakala and watched the sunrise in 40 degree weather in July. I hiked up behind O’heo Gulch and went swimming in the pools that very few people see…and we sat on the edge of the rocks next to a 200 foot waterfall. We hitchhiked across the island from Paia to Lahaina and back. We met a lot of fabulous people who lived there. One couple…David and Violet Cup-Choy invited us to their home in Makawao and had a cookout for us and told us stories of their life on Maui in the early 60’s. He had been the plant manager at the Dole Pineapple Plant and he brought us pineapple fresh from the field. I went snorkeling for the first time in my life in Hana Bay. I ran into people i knew from Florida in the rest stop on the Hana Highway. It was the best summer of my life and i ddin’t want to come home. I have sent a number of couples to Maui for their honeymoons…just because i speak so highly of it. Maui Na Ka Oi…..
by Sullivan

I’ve always been afraid of the underwater! But I wanted soo much to be able to snorkle when we took our children to Maui last November. We booked our tour early so i could not back out. I had trouble getting out of the boat then when floating in the water started to hyperventalate in the snorkle mask. My children tried to help, the instructor tried and my husband tried I just was too scared. Then someone yelled hey there are turtles here. Once I saw a green turtle floating majestically in the water close by, I let go grabbed my underwater camera and swam away. I was like magic!
by Kim

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My favorite Maui memory is from our second trip to the beautiful island of Maui. We rented a VW camper van and drove the whole perimeter of the island (where there are roads, of course!). We got a very intimate view of the island and had the freedom to go where ever we wanted each day without having to worry about getting back to a hotel. We saw every road, every unique environment, and every scenic overlook the island has to offer! It was especially amazing to see Honu swimming in the ocean. We got to feel like Maui was our home for the week we were there, camping just feet from the beach. We even did a little beach clean up at our favorite spot– unfortunately other campers did not show Maui the same love as we felt for every inch of the island that we were able to explore. Can’t wait to go back and get re-acquainted!
by Becky

Favorite maui memory so far is boogieboarding at big beach with my two kids in Maui and getting rocked and tossed to the beach while others on the beach were watching and laughing…must have looked awesome slamming down 7ft to the sand.
by Maureen

Hard to choose only one. but my parents had treated our family of thirteen-plus to a stay at the Kea Lani. Several of us were snorkeling about 100 yards offshore when my sons and nephews heard whales. I decided to jettison to shore to capture our last sunset for this trip with my video camera. I was primed for this event, when everyone started yelling and screaming. When I followed their voices, I saw what the excitement was about — a mom and her calf were breaching playfully with the Maui sunset behind them. My nephew said it best when he commented, “Where’s Spielberg? Cue the sunset, Cue the whales!” We’ve never recovered from the inspiration of this moment, nor do we want to.
Thanks for enabling us to keep alot of our Maui moments alive via your own awesome photography!
by Janet

I have many but my favorite was on April 8,2012 we renewed our wedding vows for our30th anniversary on Kapalua Bay at sunset with the wonderful Pastor Laki Ka’ahumanu. I fell in love with Maui on that trip.
by Brenda

On my wedding day we were getting married in Maui on Changs beach but staying in West Maui. I got my hair and make up done at the four seasons and my husband to be, being stubborn decided to get changed into his tux at the beach. Little did he know there was no restroom there. Needless to say, he changed in the parking lot. When the Rev. Kenneth Hoopai jr showed up my husband to be was puttin on his pants and accidentally dropped them. In front of the Rev! Glad to say he had a good sense of humor and asked “nervous are we?” “Aloha, nice to meet you.”
by Dena

And last but not least, a fun Maui story from Brittany!


The Molokini Palani
I grew up going out on the water with my family anytime I possibly could. My grandpa called us “River Rats.” Virtually every single river or body of water I have been to has been dirty, dark, and had little to no visibility of the bottom or anything for that matter. That drove me crazy because I couldn’t see if any fish were around–especially the bottom feeders and my least favorite, sturgeon.

For my honeymoon, I got the chance to go to Maui with my fiancé, Brook. It was amazing. The people, food, and smells were unforgettable. The paradise lifestyle everyone seemed to be living was so immensely intriguing. We ate Maui Tacos for approximately half of our meals. They had fast-food prices with restaurant-sized meals. The activities available in Maui were by far not like anything we could do in the Tri-Cities. The water blew me away the most. I had never seen water so clear and pristine blue before in my life. What better to do in this type of water but snorkel? I had never been snorkeling before, so my fiancé booked two seats on the Molokini Crater Express. We had heard that it was supposed to take us to some of the best snorkeling around Maui.

So there we were, my Fiancé and I, headed out to Molokini on the Molokini Express. We had a great view of the city of Lahaina, from which we departed, as well as an insane view of the whole west side of Maui. The boat ride seemed to fly by, and we arrived before we knew it. The two guides gave us the run-down and boundaries of the crater while we all geared up.

My heart was pounding when I realized I might have made a huge mistake–too late–it was our turn. My fiancé got down on the ladder to get in. After the guide provided us with a few more rules, Brook went for it and jumped in. He made it look easy since it was his 6th time snorkeling. My heartfelt like it was going to come up my throat and feed the fish. I was a scared snorkel virgin!

I put the much-needed defogger on my mask and stepped onto the ladder. With 15 people behind me and approximately forty-five minutes left, I had no choice but to push myself to get into position. There were over one hundred fish in sight from above the water. I let myself fall off the ladder into the beautiful bathtub-warm water as normal as possible. I was so overwhelmed and my heart was beating so fast, I thought I was going to die. I swam off towards Brook and put my fears aside, plunging my head into the water.

It took my breath away. There were such vibrantly colored fish just a few feet from me. They looked amazing compared to the drab brown fish in the Columbia River. There were countless Black Durgon all around us. I soon came to find out the little buggers had teeth. I quickly brought my arms close to my chest, folded them, and swam to Brook. He was looking at a huge 2-foot fish that was watching us with its huge eye.

We swam on a bit when a foot-long Silver Palani came towards us. It came closer and closer until finally, Brook reached out to see if he could touch it. It was about an inch too far away–an inch! It began to circle us. I felt my heart pounding so hard my head felt like it was throbbing and going to burst. The crazy fish circled us 5 or 6 times, then suddenly it was gone. It had disappeared somewhere, somehow, behind Brook. That’s when I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Once Brook realized it was gone he swam off a bit, thinking I was following close behind like I had been. Instead, I had to go up and get some air. After seeing all the fish around me below the surface, I couldn’t stand to be above the water for too long not knowing what might be after me next. I knew I had to go back under.

At the very same moment I put my face back in the water, the Silver Palani that was circling us before, was coming towards me at the very same instant. It darted at my face, from about 2 feet away. I screamed into the snorkel, shut my eyes and kicked as fast and hard as I could away from it, swimming backward until I smacked my head right into the side of the Molokini Express. I thought I was going to throw up. I popped my head out of the water, swam to the ladder, and got onto the boat. I wanted to cry, more for the bump on my head than the crazy Silver Palani that I thought wanted to bite me.

It was such an insanely scary feeling thinking this fish was coming for me. Brook told me it wasn’t coming after me and that I happened to go into the water at the perfect time for it to appear that way. What an experience for my first snorkel adventure.

**Note…we are not legally married but did our private ceremony on 11.11.11 to know and have that date in our hearts. We will be legally married when I am out of school. Didn’t want you to think this is a crock of crap…

by Brittany of Kennewick, WA