james mercerThe Shins absolutely rocked the house at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center last night at the Castle Theater.  They played a good grip of our old favorites as well as some new ones off their newest album, Port Of Morrow.

The evening began with cocktails and familiar faces outside the entrance of the Castle at MACC.  We were really happy to see that the art exhibit next door was still open (closes I believe in a few days.)  Beautiful pieces lined the walls, including one piece from Jefferson Stillwell. We strolled around seeing some amazing local art before The Shins began playing.

They played flawlessly and got the crowd grooving and dancing.  It was a blast!  Thank you Anna Kim for taking these beautiful photos.  You can see more of her photos on her Maui photo blog.

Jessica Dobson, Richard Swift, Joe Plummer and Yuuki Mathews played along side James Mercer giving a great show.  We honestly can’t say there’s one song on any of their albums that we don’t like.  They have a truly unique sound that defines indie rock. Mercer mentioned that their performance of New Slang was the best they’d ever done.  Let’s hope that they remember this and come play Maui more often!

The Shins play Maui