If you’ve got little ones, Haiku Elementary has a fun event each year where students dress up the back of their parent’s cars in spooky Halloweeny ways, then hand out candy to dressed up trick or treaters.  It’s a ton of fun and really a great, practical way of going trick or treating.  Haiku isn’t a great place to walk around on Halloween (distance between houses, unlit roads, and barely any sidewalks).  Not terribly safe for Halloween.  So a big thank you to all that volunteer to throw this fun event at the Haiku Elementary parking lot.


halloween rainbow

105 Pauwela  Rd.
Haiku, HI 96708

NOTE: It’s never held on Halloween proper.  This year, it’s being held on Friday, October 26th, 2018.  6pm

haiku trunk show

Here are some fun photos from past years.  We’ll try to share some photos from this year!  We’ll also be going to Halloween in Lahaina, so look out for our photos from Front Street!

haiku elementary halloween

haiku halloween

haiku Maui Hawaii

halloween car show

halloween haiku maui

halloween in Haiku Maui

halloween Maui Hawaii

halloween trunk show maui

halloween trunk show

north shore halloween

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