Love the ocean?  So do we.  Below we’ve listed some fun things to do in Maui in and on the ocean.


1 – Surfing

There are numerous fun ways to ride waves, including body surfing, wind surfing, shortboarding, longboarding, stand up paddle, kite surfing, Big wave surfing, and body boarding. Each type of syrfing has its place, depending on the weather conditions and swell.

surfing Maui, Hawaii


2 – Snorkeling

One of the more popular activities on Maui, snorkeling can be done from the shore at most beaches on the south and west coast, but also at exotic locations off-shore like Molokini Crater.


3 – Swimming

Our clear, cool waters make for unforgettable swimming.  We love floating from one end of a beach to the other.



4 – Cliff Diving

Black Rock in Ka’anapali is probably the most famous spot to cliff dive (the torch lighting ceremony ends every sunset with the torch lighter jumping in from the cliffs.)


5 – “Clark Little”ing

This isn’t for everyone, but those that have experience with shore break waves have much easier access to great photos with the advent of GoPro and other waterproof, impact-resistant cameras.

barrel selfie


6 – Scuba Diving

For those certified, scuba has morphed in many ways.  Now you can scuba on Maui with a scooter between your legs and travel at high speeds with ease.  Kind of like a drift dive with your own control of the current.


7 – Kayaking

Maui Kayaking offers great exercise and fun along with the ability to snorkel at spots harder to access.

Kayaking Maui


8 – Fishing

Cooking and eating a delicious Maui fish that you caught with your own hands is an experience that change many (and bring them back for more.)


9 – Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe

It’s more than just exercise.  It’s a cultural experience that stays with you and helps you understand the land and people of Hawaii.  You can also try your own hand at paddling these beautiful Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes! Adding sailing and snorkeling, and you’ve got a lasting and meaningful experience.


10 – Submarine

For some reason, we held off from doing the submarine for years (probably from being jaded by the fake one at Disneyland.)  After our first time, we vowed to do it at least once a year.  It’s so much fun seeing sea life, sunken ships, and other divers at well below 120 feet!


11 – Sailing

Nothing beats the peace and relaxation found while sailing through our cool waters and warm air.  We especially like sailing during sunset.

sailing Maui


12 – Whale Watching

Every year, we go on at least 3-5 whale watches, and every year we get a seriously incredible show.  The video below shows the 1st part of the best whale watch we ever had.


13 – Sunset Cruises

Dinner or pupus, tropical cocktails, live music, and an unreal sunset reflecting off the water.  Do it in whale season, and you get a double whammy.

sunset cruise


14 – Spearfishing

The thrill and challenge of spearfishing is the only thing in the ocean we’ve found that rivals surfing.  It’s so hard catching a fish that’s faster than you are (while holding your breath.)


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