maui-sport-fishingWe’ve recently discovered one of the best deals in Maui.  For those looking to save some money when doing a private boat charter, check into Maui Fun Charters.  They only allow 6 guests on at a time which makes for an intimate and inexpensive fishing trip.  But if you’re reserving the private charter, you don’t need to fish!  They’re happy to take you whale watching (in season), dolphin watching, snorkeling, or even on a sunset cruise.

Maui Fun Charters specialize in Maui Bottom Fishing as well as Maui sport fishingGive them a call at (808) 572-2345. We suggest calling because they have their phone on them on the boat even when out fishing.  Emails, on the other hand, are not recommended.  These guys live and die fishing.  They don’t spend too much time in front of the computer.