Soma Airbags


We just received our new Soma Airbag Designs Surfboard bags.  They’re 6’6″ and can fit 2 boards in each bag.

After close inspection, inflation, and testing, we think Soma has come up with the best board bag on the market.  What makes it so great is its durability and light weight as well as its compact size when not in use.  Often, when we travel inter-island, we have an over-sized bag with a couple boards inside of it that have their own smaller bags or socks on.  When arriving at our surf destination, we have our boards out and a huge bag that wont fit anywhere.  With Soma we can deflate the bag and throw it in the closet.  Fantastic idea!

The bag has inflated rails, top and bottom.  It fits 2 boards easily and has room for fins, leashes, wax and other small items.  Another side benefit to the bag is that it works very well as a mattress if you plan on camping out or just don’t want to sleep in a nasty bed at some 3rd world hotel.  It’s very comfortable and even has a separator pad between the boards that can act as a blanket.

These board bags are relatively inexpensive and very sturdy.  We’ll be taking our bags to Bali from Hawaii and from California without worries.

Contact them today to order your next board bag at, (877)320-7478 or go to their website and order now at

Soma Sleeping Bag


Bali Traveler: We took the Soma Airbags to Bali and traveled for almost 3 weeks. 2 bags for 4 boards. We arrived safely back in Ca and Hawaii (respectively), with our boards completely intact. We took 6 flights and surfed everyday at different locations with out a problem. These are great bags!