Haleakala Observatory

Advanced Maui Optical & Space Surveillance Technologies Conference

The AMOS conference was held at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort on September 1st through 4th, the only conference bringing together international astronomers and space surveillance experts.

Hosted by the Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB), the conference had prominent speakers such as Senator Daniel K. Inouye (appropriately via satellite), Air Force Lt. General Larry James, Keawala’i Congregational Church’s Kealahou Alika, MEDB President Jeanne Skog, and Wes Friewald (the President of Pacific Defense Solutions) among others.

One of the major topics was the satellite collision in Early February of this year.  Discussion over the concern about large amounts of debris in Earth’s orbit from the Russian and American Satellites was deliberated.

Senate passes measure for additional MSSS funding

MSSS (Maui Space Surveillance System) is home to the largest optical telescope in the United States, designed for tracking satellites.  Within Haleakala National Park, 10,000 feet above sea level, Haleakala Crater’s summit has multiple telescopes that are crucial for space research.

On October 6th, the US Senate passed a measure to increase funding by 207.5 million dollars for projects involving Hawaii.  $20 million of this will go to the research projects at the MSSS.

Maui Observes Spacecraft Crash into the MOON!

We know. It sounds untrue, but it’s a fact! Because Maui and Hawaii have such incredible observing facilities and excellent proximity for viewing, we have been asked to observe a spacecraft being intentionally crashed into the surface of the moon on October 9th.

The plume of debris will rise up to 3 miles from the surface of the moon.  NASA and the University of Hawaii are hoping this event will determine whether water exists under the surface at the Moon’s poles.  If there is enough water on the moon, we could very possibly colonize it.  With water, agriculture, oxygen, and protective radiation shields would be possible.

We’ll keep you updated!