John Legend at the Castle TheatreWe regularly complain about how we don’t get a lot of talent to Maui, relatively.  But after seeing the John Legend concert at the Castle Theatre on Thursday, we’d like to take all that back.

Yes, it’s true: we don’t get a lot of big acts on Maui.  It’s rare, but we do here and there.  What makes up for this is that the shows are usually in small venues, and less expensive than mainland shows.

An example: The Castle Theatre at the MACC is a small venue with some great acts.  The outside venue at the MACC is also amazing.  It’s a bigger venue but still much smaller than a normal outdoor mainland venue.  Another example would be the recent show by Willie Nelson and Band of Horses that was held in Paia for Free!  They played at Charley’s which only holds just over 100 people.  A great venue if you can get in!

Maui also gets some great Reggae.  Even though bands like Aerosmith may cancel due to it being too small and too little money (if that was the case) we do get some big names in Reggae like Steel Pulse, Israel Vibrations and more…

John Legend put on a great show for us.  Maui may not have the choice of music that we’d like, but when someone good like John Legend does show up, we’re lucky to get him in a small venue.

John Legend