Video EditingOur latest discovery has been Family Flix, a Mom and Pop video editing company that specializes in putting together Family and Vacation video footage on DVD.  We really like this premise because they’re not some huge editing company based in India.  The people at Family Flix have kids, love Hawaii, and take the time necessary in personalizing your homemade video footage.

How It Works

Watch Your FootageYou take a bunch of video footage while in Hawaii, as well as a bunch of photos.  You come home and look at the mess of media and realize that you have to go back to work tomorrow.  When will this stuff get put together so you can show your friends and family? This is where Family Flix has proven to be very useful.

You send your photos and/or video to Scott at Family Flix and he will put it together for you in a timely fashion.  They can make video slideshows of your photos along with clips of your footage edited for the most impact.  All of this can be put into DVD menus like a real movie.

Web ViewingThey’ve mastered the editing process.  No longer will your videos be dragging while your audience looks at their watch.  It’s not that your vacation wasn’t interesting, it just needs to be cut correctly and put to music.  This way, you’ll enthrall anyone who’s watching!

We’ve found this service to be EXTREMELY valuable.  Do you know how much time you waste editing video and going through digital photos?  It’s pretty ridiculous.  Take advantage of their services before they get booked up for months!  Summer’s over and there’s tons of vacations needing editing.

Call Scott at 1-877-FMLYFLX or email him at