People can be very fussy when it comes to Mexican food, we know what we like and what we dislike as our taste buds make their own assumptions. It is no secret that Maui has a selection of fantastic Mexican restaurants, combining the breathtaking scenery with the delicious food, creating the perfect location to make your Taco Tuesday one to remember.


When people think of Maui the first things that come to mind is a beautiful island, golden beaches, coconuts, cocktails, palm trees, volcanoes, hula dancing, and just being on holiday. Maui is also known to have a few great Mexican restaurants that can whip up a fantastic taco for taco Tuesdays. Taco Tuesdays are mostly created for people to get to gather and socialize and with a gathering; there is usually food somewhere in the mix.

While having fun in the sun you will work up a great appetite. There is nothing as satisfying as digging into a plate of fabulous local made food that is very affordable as well. Below is a list of local Maui favorite restaurants for Taco Tuesday.


Maui Tacos

maui tacos

Tacos are the go-to food when you think of Mexican food. Although it can be a bit messy but well worth it in the end. If you are a Beach bums on holiday and still looking for your Taco Tuesday fix, you will be glad to know that you will be able to find delicious tacos along the beach on Kihei road.
Maui Tacos is a very laid-back Mexican take away restaurant that sells amazing Mexican food and huge tacos, which will save money (they are a bit pricey) as you don’t have to buy more than one.




Located on Front Street you will find Frida’s beach house. They run a happy hour from 3 PM to 4:30 PM every day, the happy hour includes 15% discount on all food as well. This discount might sound small but it all adds up when you are in a group.
Frida’s has the complete package for a great Taco Tuesday. Great food, huge portions, friendly staff, breath taking views, and enough space for the whole family. Frida’s also has Mexican beer on tap, 40 different Tequila’s, and tempting cocktails your Taco Tuesday may lead into Wednesday.




Coconuts Restaurant is located in Kihei road and a bit more formal than the other Mexican restaurants in the area. Their food is also a bit more refined with amazing mango salsa on top. When ordering tacos at Coconuts you get two for the price of one. Best to come HUNGRY.
The phrase that the locals use for this little restaurant is “Onolicious” if the locals approve then you know you are in for a treat. Coconuts do not only sell Mexican dishes but seafood as well, which provides you with the best of both worlds. The fish they sell is caught daily and is a bit expensive but is worth every penny.


Fred’s Mexican Cafe

Fred’s has a great atmosphere and is the perfect location to watch the sunset and enjoy your taco Tuesday. Located on the beach and not too far away from the houses, in Kihei road, beach bums will be able to go from the waves to supper without traveling too far.
Fred’s Mexican café can be a bit pricey but their portions are huge. This café is always buzzing with life on Taco Tuesday, whether you are single and ready to mingle, or just having fun with friends. Great food, great atmosphere, great view and last but not least, amazing food. You will be pleasantly surprised.


Paia Fish Market

Paia Fish Market

Paia Fish Market opened its doors in 1989 in the town called Paia and has continued to impress their guest’s year in and year out. You have not experienced a Taco until you have tasted Paia Fish Market’s fish Taco’s. Freshly prepared with fresh product caught the same day. Located on Baldwin Avenue you will find this beautiful restaurant that mainly sells seafood.
Keep in mind that the portion sizes are huge. One portion is enough for two people to share. Their dishes usually come with a side dish of coleslaw, tartar sauce, and fried potatoes.



With the happy hour between 3 and 6, competitive pricing, bottomless homemade salsa and a great view, this is a definite favorite amongst the locals. The tacos are always made fresh and about as good as it gets when looking for a good Mexican restaurant for Taco Tuesday in Maui.
You will be able to find this little gem on Kihei Road; you will find friendly down to earth staff inviting you in, making your experience memorable. Amigo’s opened its doors in 2009 and has been a local favorite ever since.


Pollis Mexican Restaurant


Pollis Mexican Restaurant has been a local favorite for 20 years, situated on the corner of Makawao and Baldwin avenues. Being located in the ranch country in an old-fashioned town, local cowboys and tourists visit this restaurant when the craving for Mexican food hits.
They specialize in Mexican food, which makes it a winner for Taco Tuesday. The vibe is amazing and gives you that old western feel. Pollis has daily specials and a delicious salsa with all their meals. Over the years Pollis has built up a loyal client base that religiously attends Taco Tuesday every week. Many of their customers worked there over the years. Regardless of the restaurant options in the area, Pollis Mexican Restaurant is top of its class.


Taco Tuesday on Maui