As travel becomes more accessible for people of all backgrounds and budgets, destination weddings have grown in popularity. And let’s face it… if you have to splurge on one event in your lifetime, it may as well be the picture-perfect wedding day on the island of your dreams.

But while it may seem like an easy feat to plan a wedding in the wedding capital of the U.S., the thousands of miles of distance and all too common ‘Maui time’ attitude may not allow for the greatest wedding planning productivity. Below we give you the best tips for planning your destination wedding on Maui, and we wish you all the luck in celebrating your love on The Valley Isle!


Maui: Tips for Planning your Destination Wedding

#1 Hire the Right Maui Wedding Officiant

Perhaps the most central figure in any wedding, besides the couple, is the person you choose to perform the ceremony. They often have lots of communication with the couple prior to the wedding, and must use knowledge of their love story, personalities, and custom preferences to create the best, most appropriate ceremony possible.

On Maui, we love professional wedding officiant Meredith Richmond of Ceremonies by Meredith, who offers in-depth knowledge of the Maui wedding industry, and works hard to ensure your ceremony is personal, custom, and sacred.

She not only has excellent communication skills with each of her couples but goes above and beyond to make sure they’re completely happy and at ease throughout the entire planning process. Highly recommended for a ceremony of a lifetime!



#2 Consider Location Options

While the majority of couples imagine saying their ‘I Do’s’ on the shoreline of one of Maui’s 81 stunning beaches, many of the best, most exotic wedding locations are often overlooked. Since there are no private beaches in Hawaii, it’s quite possible, especially on some of the most popular beaches, that your wedding won’t be the only one there that day, or even hour. For that reason, it may be in your best interest to book a venue, especially if you desire privacy.

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#3 Choose Trusted Vendors

When planning a wedding from afar, it’s important to trust the details of your wedding day to those who know best. From small suggestions to the largest decisions of the day, including flowers, place settings, cocktails, and seating, to catering, transportation, accommodation, photographers, DJs, and countless others, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving your money to the best people possible.

Read reviews, keep continuous communication with them on the phone and through email, and if possible, even make a trip out to meet vendors in person to discuss your wishes and details of the day, and to sign any contracts necessary.

Maui wedding coordinators

A wedding planner or coordinator (Check out Simple Maui Wedding) can go a long way, and typically have a list of their recommended vendors to make the process simpler. Your chosen wedding photographer (check out Natalie Brown) can also be a great resource for vendor recommendations.



#4 Consider the Weather & Climate

One of the best things about getting married in Hawaii is the year-round warm weather. But that doesn’t mean it’s without its faults.

The rainy season, for example, is typically from December to March, though showers rarely last all day. If you’re planning a wedding in the jungle, or near the mountains, rain should be somewhat expected during these months. In addition, depending on your wedding site and conditions for that specific day, the weather on Maui can often be extremely windy and extremely hot. Plan your hairstyle and clothing according to our windy Maui weather.

Also remember to wear lots of SPF leading up to your wedding day, as we’ve seen lots of brides and grooms with bright red skin!

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#5 Relax

No wedding ever goes 100% to plan. People run late, the wind knocks things over, the bar runs out of rum, and the groom can’t find his lei. It’s going to be alright.

Take a deep breath, and remember you’re on Maui and it’s your wedding day! Plan ahead to make sure everything is running smoothly, enlist the help of friends and family members, and spend your actual wedding day relaxing and having fun!

Island time is real, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy every minute of it. And don’t forget to thank your guests, wedding party, vendors, and everyone else who’s helped make your day so special. Aloha!

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Mahalo for reading, and we hope you enjoyed our tips for making the most out of your Maui destination wedding. Let us know what helped make your tropical wedding wonderful in the comments below.