kayak friendsBeach life wakes up early on Maui to take advantage of the pristine conditions and glassy water. Not being a morning person, the 7 a.m. beach check-in originally felt dreadfully early and potentially chilly.   But, happily, the sun had long been up, heating the air to a comfortable level and sending sparkling ripples out across the ocean toward nearby Molokini.  I must admit, the view was exhilarating!


  1. kayak guidesWe gathered on a rustic paradise with a few slivers of sand and gnarly trees dotting the lava rock, known as Makena Landing in South Maui.   Our expert guide, Garrett, was seasoned and knowledgable about kayaking.  He gave us a few insider tips about getting in and out of the boat, paddling, and other things to make the day as effortless an adventure as possible.  Then we launched, nose first, into the beautiful waves!

On the water!

Free and clear, we paddled out to sea with incredible visibility, spotting Hawaiian green sea turtles and colorful coral down below.  With the sun warming our shoulders, we paddled along the unspoiled coastline of craggy black lava rock, palm trees, secluded beaches, and red and yellow hibiscus.  If this sounds heavenly, it was!  If you are jealous right now, you should be!

Snorkeling in Paradise

After perusing the jaw-droppingly beautiful coastline, we reached our first snorkel spot, a turtle cleaning station!  We were literally surrounded by sweet endangered sea turtles of all sizes, from grandpa to baby!  Keeping the legal distance of 10 feet, we excitedly pulled on our snorkel gear and sunk into the water for a better look.  Witnessing these darling creatures in their natural habitat is a treasure that I hope everyone can experience.

Next Stop

From turtle alley, we headed over to a series of underwater crevasses caused by an ancient lava flow.  Garrett led us through the marvel, pointing out different fish, eel, and an underwater cave.  He introduced us to creatures of all shapes and sizes.  Then bobbing up and down, he placed a red pencil urchin right into my hands!

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about it, this underwater neighborhood is an area of Maui not to be missed!  And, a kayak & snorkel tour with Maui Eco Tours is a guaranteed fun way to do so, suitable for the whole family!

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