Maui whaleI leaned over the edge of the boat as far as I could, totally mesmerized by the huge eye staring up at me.

“She’s looking right at me.  I know it.”

I leaned back slightly and slid myself left along the side of the boat.  The big eye followed me.  I grinned and slid myself to the right.  The big eye followed me back.

Maui whale sequence“What must you think of me?” I whispered to the whale.  “Do you wonder about me the way I wonder about you?  Are you old enough to remember when there weren’t so many humans riding on boats?  Are you able to remember at all?”

A giant splash to my right startled me out of my revere.  Another whale was slapping his shining white pectoral fin over and over against the surface of the water.  Then he rolled onto his back and began slamming the back side of his tail on the surface.  Bang, bang, bang.  One more splash, a big breath, and then he dove, sinking out of sight.  I turned back to the water, but the first whale was gone too.

“Well ladies and gentleman,” the Captain of the Kai Kanani said into his mike.  “That was quite a show but it’s time for us to be heading back to shore.  Please check for any loose clothing or trash, and be careful of your hats as I pick up speed.  The whales aren’t looking for any donations.”

On the trip back I thought about what I’d seen.  The breaching and splashing were very exciting, and I had some great photos to share with my friends.  But I was moved by what I had seen looking into the eye of the whale.

“Humans aren’t so special,” I thought to myself as we neared shore.

By Megan Edgar, Staff Writer

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All of the photos seen here have been taken by Natalie Brown Photography.  All Rights are reserved on these copywritten images, and we thank her for the use of them.