We often get this question: Why go snorkeling or diving at Molokini Crater when we know for a fact that there’s plenty of coral and sea life off the shore?

True.  There’s a lot of beautiful things to straight off the coast of Maui.  But, when you travel to Molokini, you get a lot more.  Here are a few things that Molokini offers over shore dives:

  • MolokiniWater Clarity – Even if there’s some swell in the water, the inside of Molokini Crater is better protected than off the coast.
  • Wind Protection – the high walls of the crater also better protect the water from wind.
  • Marine Reserve and Bird Sanctuary – Molokini is protected from fishing so you get a lot of ocean life enjoying this safe haven.
  • Food – Most vessels will provide snacks and drinks to keep you going between locations.
  • Professional Guides – Your captain and crew know where the best spots are, so if Molokini isn’t optimal, you’ll go somewhere that they know is perfect.
  • Gradual Inner Slope – The inside of Molokini Crater gently slopes down, which makes for great snorkeling and snuba diving.
  • Diving the back Wall – The Backside of Molokini Crater drops to below 300 feet and is world-famous for advanced scuba dives.
  • Proximity – The location of Molokini Crater is very close to South Maui.  It’s a very short baot trip from Maalaea Harbor.
  • Safety – Having trained lifeguards in the water as well as top of the line safety equipment ensures a safe snorkeling trip.
  • The Ride – Don’t forget that when you’re going to Molokini, you get a fun ride out of it!  Some vessels are sailboats, others rafts, and also power catamarans.  Each of these types of boats offer unique ways to get to the crater.

Molokini snorkeling and scuba diving is world famous for the reasons above.  If you visit Maui, you shouldn’t miss out on the Molokini Crater.

Molokini Snorkeling