Maui Roller Derby

On May 17th, 2009, the bad-a$$ ladies of roller derby got together on Maui for a battle royale.  The roller derby bout took place at the Boys and Girls Club in Wailuku between the Oahu and Maui teams.  Though (as you can see in the pictures) it was fiercely competitive, both teams played with the best of intentions and sportswoman-like conduct.

Roller Derby CrashThe event was fantastic!  Around 200 people showed up for the festivities, not including the paramedics standing by.  Along with many excited fans, the event had a great DJ and snacks and water available.

The Derby bout went off without a hitch and without any serious injury (though most grown men would be in tears after suffering some of the falls that these brave and talented riders took.)

Keep kicking butt, Maui!  We’ll be at your next bout and hope you get even more exposure.  What you do is inspiring, and offers some serious entertainment.  Time to turn off the football game on TV.  There’s something much more exciting going on at a Maui parking lot near you.

Roller Derby