Sugarman's Estate

Jeff ScheerRecently, a few of us had the opportunity to attend a beautiful wedding at the Sugarman’s Estate in Makena, South Maui.  Everything went off without a hitch and we thought we’d mention some of the highlights.

This is one of the most beautiful properties on the island, and we we’re overjoyed in being able to spend some time on it again.  For weddings, it’s perfect.  The sunset over the water is set up perfectly for photos and general guest enjoyment.  The property is very large and able to accommodate hundreds of people with sprawling green lawns and very large trees with ample shade.

Poached Pair SaladOur favorite part of the wedding was without doubt the food.  Maui Catering was provided by Maui Executive Catering, of whom did a smashing job.  We’ve been to many weddings in Maui, and the food can be hit or miss.  These guys did an unbelievable job.  We thought we’d peak in and take some photos of their crew and kitchen area while at work and ask their service staff some questions:

BuffetAloha!  We’ve been noticing how well you all work together.  How did this catering company pull together such a great team?

“Jeff and Jason (Owners of Maui Executive Catering) work harder than most people we know.  They’re great to work with, and I think that’s why good service staff is drawn to work with them.  They take care of their crew and make it fun for everyone.  It’s a nice change to work for them as opposed to some lesser-organized companies.  Things just seem to go like clock work.”

The food has all been delicious.  You’ve put out some pretty exotic and attractive presentations.  Is this normal?

“Yes, another perk of working with them.  All of their chefs are classically trained and well-educated.  Most have gone to the Maui Culinary Academy, one of the best in the world.  They really take pride in their work.  I often notice that they’ll put in excessive prep time for some of the most minute details just to add an extra flair.  Yep, pretty normal for them.  They use top of the line gear, and don’t mind experimenting in order to find the perfect flavors for a dish.  I’ve heard more than once from guests that they don’t want to mess up their plates by eating.  But then once they take a bite, it’s over with.  Nobody leaves hungry, that’s for sure.”

The bartending provided by Maui Executive Catering was professional and friendly.  Their bartender and barback were fun and had the skills necessary to handle a crowd of thirsty guests and do it with style.  It seemed everyone by the end of the day had suggested that they loved the bartender and really enjoyed his humor and fun-loving attitude.

Great job, everyone.  We’ll be recommending you in the future!

To learn more about them, visit Maui Executive Catering.

Maui bartender


A couple friends of ours were married here (Sugarman’s Estate) and it was absolutely beautiful!

Thanks for the recommendation of a good caterer. Will check them out next time we plan a special event.


On of Sugarman’s fellow internet marketers Tellman Knudson is running from the East Coast to the West Coast BAREFOOT to raise $100,000.00 for Teen Homelessness. I hope to bring him to Hawaii by Summer of 2010 and maybe Sugarman’s would be a great place to have a fund raiser.

We’ll see how it all work’s out over the next month or so. Donor’s to help with transportation and food between Los Angeles and Maui and between islands are welcome and so watch for a call for help on this. benefits for the Hawaii part to be used in Hawaii.