ATA and Aloha AirlinesAfter 60 years of travel to and from Hawaii, Aloha Airlines has closed it’s doors. ATA Airlines followed suit shortly afterwards causing enormous travel issues for customers. Those who payed with cash or a check have been left high and dry with no refund for unused tickets as well as many stranded from home. Neither airlines gave any warning before closing shop, while still accepting reservations up until the moment of their announcement. The selfishness of the airlines has hurt its loyal customers, the credit card companies that will have to foot the bill, our tourism industry, and the economy as a whole.

The remaining airlines operating are not without blame themselves. Having to pick up the slack from ATA and Aloha’s lost flights has been done in an under-handed way. Stranded travelers have been forced to purchase tickets costing anywhere from double to 5 times the original price as well as eat the original amount payed. The way all of this has been handled has soured travel for many and given the airline industry in general an ugly image.

The reasons given for the end of these airlines stem from a military contract having been canceled as well as the inflated prices for fuel. These are valid reasons and don’t need to be disputed. What does need to be disputed is whether these companies should be left accountable for their lack of responsibility to its customers, and how this disaster can be prevented in the future.

The State of Hawaii and America has taken a large blow due to the lack of foresight and responsibility by Aloha Airlines and ATA airlines.