Fun Things To Do In Maui

Things to do in Maui

There’s so much to do on the island of Maui, but most visitors don’t know where to start. We’ve decided to list fun things to do in Maui to give our viewers locally preferred options. We also like the Top 50 Things to do in Maui page.

1. The Road to Hana

Making the trip to Hana is one of the best things to do in Maui. Really, the best way to experience all that Hana has to offer is by staying in Hana for a few days. If this isn’t an option, the day trip is still wonderful. We recommend those that get car sick to not drive all the way to Hana. The Road to Hana is about the gorgeous views and waterfalls along the way. Drive till you feel 1/2 content, and turn around. Driving the entire road there and back will take over 5 hours without stopping. Make sure to get a comfortable rental car.

2. Snorkeling

One of the cheapest Maui activities is snorkeling. Renting a set of snorkel gear only costs a few dollars, and the snorkeling just off shore is great. You can look at a Maui snorkel Map, or decide on a boat trip to Molokini Crater. Depending on the conditions, one or the other will provide some great snorkeling with plenty of marine life. We especially recommend snorkeling Molokini Crater because it has protected waters and plenty of sea life.

3. Enjoy a Luau Feast and Show

With many luaus on the island, you can pick the perfect feast for you and your guests. All of the Maui luaus come with a show of hula dancing, history, and usually at least one fire dancer. This is a great way to experience some of Hawaii’s culture.

4. Maui Zipline

With locations on the slopes of Haleakala and Kaanapali’s West Maui Mountains, ziplining is a fun way to experience the diverse landscapes and views of Maui.

5. Bike Down the Volcano

Riding from the top of Haleakala down to the base of the volcano is incredible. You’ll enjoy overwhelming views of all of Maui as well as the many sweet fragrances of the countryside while cruising downhill on a bike. Bike the Volcano has become the most popular activity on the Island.

6. Go Sailing

Maui Sailing is an easy thing to do with the many large vessels on the island. Some like the Kai Kanani will take you snorkeling for the day, whale watching, or for a romantic sunset cocktail cruise.

7. Visit a Working Pineapple Plantation

Tasting the freshest pineapple on Earth while learning about the history of Maui through this important crop really can’t be beat.  Great views, fun guides, delicious varieties of pineapple, a deeper understanding of the island, and a lot of fun await you.

8. Learn How To Surf

Maui is the best island to learn how to surf. The South and West sides offer plenty of Maui surf schools and can guarantee you’ll ride a wave on your first day. Feeling the power of the ocean carry you safely to shore is a remarkable experience that everyone should try.

9. Try Snuba Diving

For those of you that are hesitant to scuba dive, or don’t have the time to get certified, snuba is an excellent option. Within 20 minutes, you can be in the water at a depth of 15-30 feet for up to an hour. Many boat tours offer snuba as well as one shore diving company. We suggest using Pride of Maui for your next Maui snuba diving trip. Call (808) 242-0955

10. Family Portrait in Maui

You’re not likely going to find any better location to take a photo of your family and friends than on a beach in Maui. Get that perfect Christmas card photo of your kids, a fun beach shot of your friends, or a romantic photo of you and your significant other during a spectacular Maui Sunset.

11. Whale Watching

By far one of the best Maui activities to do is whale watching. This is only possible during the winter months due to humpback migration patterns. You can watch them from shore, but the best way is to take a whale watch cruise and see them up-close.

12. Sport Fishing

Maui Sport fishing can be done on any of the dozens of charter boats out of Maalaea Harbor or Lahaina Harbor. Maui’s ocean has some beautiful warm water fish.

13. Go to a New Church

One thing Maui is not short of is Churches. Some are simple, and some are very old, ornate and beautiful. Worship in a new place and make new friends on Maui.

14. Yoga

Great Hawaiian healers are world renowned for their massage and yoga techniques. If you enjoy the serenity of meditation and yoga, take a class, or find a quiet place on a sea cliff to experience what these spiritual people know so well.

15. Learn to Salsa Dance

Salsa is a fun way to learn more about dance, about your partner, and yourself while having the time of your life. Lessons are offered in Kihei and Paia.

16. Kayaking

Kayaking in Maui is affordable and fun. After an hour or two in a kayak, you’ll have seen Maui marine life as well as received great exercise.

17. Go Paragliding

From the slopes of Haleakala, you’ll be swept through the clouds and over the most beautiful island in the world. There are professional paraglide instructors that can take you up right away.

18. Shoot Clay Pigeons

Lanai has clay pigeon shooting which can spice up your day. Not many people know about this fun activity.

9. Take a Photo Safari

Grab your cameras and set out in any direction. You’re bound to find brilliant landscapes to capture as well as unique plant and animal life.

20. Jet Ski in Ka’anapali

Another activity offered only outside of whale season is jet skiing. Ka’anapali has plenty of jet skis for rent just off the coast. This is seasonal.

21. See a Magic Show

Kupunaha Maui Magic as well as Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show offer some great family entertainment.

22. Visit the Lavender Farm

The lavender farm is a special place to visit. Lavender grows well in the Upcountry of Maui, which gives off the most intoxicating scents.

23. Try some Maui Grown Coffee

Though most of the glory is stolen by the Big Island’s Kona coffee, Maui grows delicious coffee as well. Our coffee farms are small and offer very personal and unique flavors.

24. Explore Lava Tubes

Tours run regularly to check out the caverns and tubes that lava flows have left here on Maui. This is an activity you’ll experience in very few other places.

25. Chill by a Resort Pool

If you’re not staying there, don’t even try. The oceanfront resorts of Maui have lavish pools. These impressive swimming pools often capture their visitors for most of their stays. One of the best pools is at the Kea Lani. The biggest and most kid friendly is at the Grand Wailea with plenty of slides and swim-up bars.

26. Go to the Beach

This is a no-brainer. It’s free and one of the best activities to do. Choose one of Maui’s best beaches and make the journey.

27. Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Another great way to see Maui’s underwater life is by Glass Bottom Boat. Enjoy ocean views above and below without leaving your seat.

28. Get the Spa Treatment

Maui has many world-class spas within its resorts. The Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea is known as the best on the island. Get a massage, enjoy multiple different baths, and have a steam to become rejuvenated before spending the rest of your day by the pool.

29. Glow in the Dark Golf

Lahaina has a fun spot called the Glow Putt Mini Golf. The entire course is lit with florescent glowing trees and obstacles.

30. Parasail

Only offered outside of whale season, parasailing is another great way to see the island. This exciting ride can be done alone or tandem with a friend.

31. Visit the Maui Ocean Center

What better place to go to an aquarium at than in Hawaii? The Maui Ocean Center has loads of Hawaiian sea life, from bright coral gardens, to an enormous shark tank. This is a great place to visit in any weather.

32. See a Theatre Performance

Maui Theatre is unique with some great shows such as Ulalena or Cirque Polynesia. These shows provide you with a little more insight to Maui culture through history and humor.

33. Have a Gourmet Tropical Meal

Maui is known for it’s diverse and impressive cuisine. Culinary masters from all over the world have come to Maui to share with its visitors some fantastic flavors. Having paradise as a backdrop while enjoying fresh island food is really an event in itself.  Have a Maui personal chef treat your palette to paradise.

34. Take a Helicopter Tour

On the other end of the financial spectrum, a helicopter ride will set you back. But the experience is worth every penny. You can visit the sea cliffs of Molokai, the tallest Waterfall in the world in the West Maui Mountains, and even dive into the dormant Volcano Crater of Haleakala.

35. Peruse the Art Galleries

Each town offers its own art galleries, but some of the more popular areas are Lahaina, Wailea, Paia, and Makawao. You can find everything from ocean scenes to wild abstract art in the many art galleries on Maui.

36. Sunrise from Haleakala Crater

Watching the sunrise from the Haleakala Crater is breath-taking. You’ll have to wake up really early to get to the top, but that’s when camping or Maui biking tours can lend a hand. If you’re camping in the crater, you don’t have to go far to watch the sunrise. When Biking, you’ll be driven and have something to look forward to afterwards.

37. Take a Sunset Dinner Cruise

Enjoying dinner on the water during sunset is what Maui is all about. Watching the green flash of the sunset while over the water makes for some spectacular photographic moments. Just don’t forget about the delicious meal in front of you.

38. Wine Tasting

The Tedeschi Winery upcountry is a fun spot to stop and sample some of Maui’s own wine. By no means is the wine award winning, but the novelty of the experience and the views while up there are worth the journey.

39. Maui Golf Courses

Maui, Molokai, and Lanai have some of the world’s best golf courses. Wailea and Makena in the South of Maui, and Kapalua on the Upper West Side feature some of the best courses.

40. Go Mountain Biking

Maui is home to tons of great trails for mountain biking. The back roads and many dirt tracks make it fun and challenging.  Find the best prices and largest selection of Maui Bike Rentals.

41. Scuba Diving

Maui County scuba diving is some of the best in the world. From the Cathedrals of Lanai Island, to the back wall of Molokini, you’ll be extremely pleased with the diving. Even shore dives off of Maui’s coast will dazzle you with bright corals, manta rays, tropical fish, and plenty of sea turtles. You can get certified here in much less time than on the mainland too.

42. Submarine Tour

Atlantis Submarine will take you to depths of up to 120 feet to visit sunken ships, tropical reefs, and marine life that you could otherwise only view if scuba diving. This is an easy way for anyone to experience Maui from below.

43. Go Horseback Riding

Though Upcountry Maui is viewed as cowboy country, you can find good horseback riding all over the island. Both Makena and the West side of Maui offer horseback tours.

44. Drive an ATV or Dune Buggy

Driving an ATV or Dune Buggy is the only way to see many areas of Maui. It’s also an exciting way to spend the day. You can choose from all kinds of trips to waterfalls and even to spots with views of the entire island.

45. Canyoning

Canyoning is one of the newer activities to set up on Maui. It’s a form of extreme hiking where you’ll repel down waterfalls as you go. They offer canyoning for the advanced and novice.

46. Take an Airplane Tour

To truly understand Maui, it’s great to go up in a tour plane. These low-flying slow-moving airplanes can give you a great perspective on our island as well as of our neighboring islands.

47. Go Camping

With gorgeous campgrounds all around the island, as well as on our neighbor islands, camping in Maui County is a wonderful and cheap way to visit. The hikes around the various Maui campgrounds are spectacular.

48. Rent a Classic Car or Harley

Anyone can cruise the island in a new convertible Mustang, but some choose to relive their pasts with classic cars. You can rent all kinds of exotic cars as well as Harley Motorcycles. With all the great drives in Maui, it’s nice to ride in style.

49. Ocean Rafting

An affordable and exciting way to get out on the water is on a Maui rafting tour. These tours will take you out snorkeling as well as whale watching in season. One of our editors has been close enough to a humpback while rafting that he could touch its back.

50. Go Shopping

We have almost all of the same shops you’d find on the mainland, but we also have unique boutiques all around that offer Maui products and rare items.

51. Ride the Sugar Cane Train

Enjoy a relaxing scenic trip on the Sugar Cane Train between Ka’anapali and Lahaina. You’ll be transported back to old Hawaii on this historic locomotive.

52. Enjoy some Live Music at the MACC

The Maui Arts and Cultural Center is constantly featuring wonderful musical and cultural acts. A couple times a year, we’ll be graced with large acts of which everyone on the island will go see. This is a fun way to get exposed to local living.

53. Maui Film Festival

The Maui Film Festival is quickly becoming a major power in the film industry. Everyone wants to watch movies in the atmosphere of which they’re presented in on Maui. We show movies outdoors under the stars with Maui summer breezes.

54. Explore Upcountry

The paniolo side of Maui has some of the best views on the island. Makawao and Kula are fun areas to explore with beautiful homes and great shopping.

55. Meet some Hippies in Paia

Ok, they’re not all hippies, but the atmosphere is definitely more relaxed and a bit more conscious than other areas on the island. Paia is an interesting community of artists, surfers, and small business owners. The shopping is great here and so is the people watching.

56. Go Frisbee Golfing

Frisbee Golf is a fun outdoor activity that allows for the players to get some exercise while enjoying Maui’s weather and views. The best part is that, besides the frisbees, this activity is free.

57. Take the Sugarcane Factory Tour

Alexander and Baldwin won’t be producing sugarcane forever, so enjoy a historic peak into the past and present at the Museum.

58. Get Married

Maui is one of the easiest places in the Nation to get hitched. Our island has more weddings on it than anywhere else for good reason. Maui’s beaches are perfect for small weddings.

59. Hunt for Deer

Maui is one of the few places in the world that allows hunting almost everyday of the year. Christmas is the exception. There is no limit to how many deer you kill either. Basically, a dozen deer were brought to Maui in the 80′s and since then have grown to a population of around 20,000 due to the lack of predators.

60. Visit the Iao Valley

One of the few places in the world as lush as Hana would be the Iao Valley. Bring a rain slick and be prepared to enter a world of towering cliffs and the Iao Needle. This area is also rich with Hawaii’s history.

61. Explore a Lava Field

Maui’s latest eruption a couple hundred years ago put the great volcano of Haleakala to rest. The lava fields from the last lava flow make up miles of jagged moon-like landscape on the southern tip of the island. Makena is largely covered in this flow, which is quite breath taking to visit.

62. Kiteboarding and Windsurfing

Maui is the Windsurfing and Kitesurfing capital of the world. Our warm winds blow almost everyday in a very predictable manner leaving our shores with perfect conditions. With winter swells, the surf adds to the excitement. Just watching these brave athletes launch 60 feet in the air is worth the trip to Kite Beach on the North Shore.

63. Watch Giant Waves

In the winter, Maui is battered by enormous waves. Watching Hookipa or Jaws while safe on shore can be quite a rush. The surfers who challenge these waves are fascinating to watch.

64. Volunteer

Volunteering on vacation is becoming a widely practiced activity on the islands. Those that decide to make the trip to Kaho’olawe, to replant trees and shrubs, are looked upon by locals with great respect. This is also a wonderful way to build lasting relationships with visitors and residents alike.

65. Visit a Blow Hole

You can find many different blowholes on the island, and with large swells, these spouting explosions can perform quite a show. This is one of those free activities that only require a short hike and directions. CAUTION: Don’t get too close to it. They can be dangerous to be close to, and we know from firsthand experience that they can sneak up on you. We destroyed a new video camera last year by not realizing that it blew in 2 areas.

66. Visit a Black Sand Beach

Waianapanapa State Park, just before Hana Town, is the best black sand beach on the island. The contrast between the black sand and bright blue ocean makes for some dynamic photographs. There are also sea caves and lava tubes in the park. Ancient Hawaiian lore surrounds this area. Watch a video on the Road to Hana.

67. Watch Spinner Dolphins

La Perouse is a regular area for Spinner Dolphins to congregate in the morning. You can either go snorkeling, scuba diving, or watch them from a kayak.

68. Go Canoeing

If you’d like to experience how the ancient Polynesians arrived in Hawaii, you can join the Outriggers Canoe Club for a trip in South Maui waters. This is great exercise and a fun and affordable way to see the island.

69. Join the Biggest Halloween Celebration in Hawaii

Lahaina, Maui is known for its Lahaina Halloween party on Front Street. Every year over 25,000 people line the oceanfront street in full costumes to participate in a Mardi Gras environment. This party tops Halloween anywhere else.

70. Hang out with Nudists

You can find plenty of nudist beaches on Maui. One in particular is on the South Side in Makena. Little Beach is just a short cliffy hike from the North side of Big Beach. Little Beach is one of the most beautiful spots on the island, protected from development. If you don’t mind seeing some skin, this is a fun place to hang out. Keep in mind that it is illegal to be naked in a public place anywhere in Maui, Hawaii.

71. Bird Watching

Kanaha has a wonderful bird sanctuary, but you can also go to Haleakala National Park to see Maui forest birds. Maui is home to many species of beautiful Hawaiian birds.

72. Do a Nature Hike

Taking a guided hike through rainforests and to waterfalls is what Maui is all about. Hiking in Maui is really the best way to see the real beauty of the island. Taking a hike by yourself is great too so long as you’re on a path and know where you’re going. Be careful of trespassing, which can turn ugly quickly.

73. Skim Boarding

South Maui has a whole skim boarding scene at Big Beach, Makena. The waves break right on shore there offering opportunities for short barrel rides and big airs. CAUTION: These waves are HEAVY even when they look small. Body surfers and swimmers die here every year.

74. Bar Hop in Kihei

The Triangle in Kihei has some fun island-style bars. If you want to meet some fun locals and enjoy a cold beverage, go there and bring your aloha.

75. Listen to Willy K.

Found playing all over the island, Willy K is one of the best musicians in Hawaii. He has recorded with Carlos Santana as well as played with Willy Nelson.

76. Swim around a Waterfall

Another great photo opportunity is finding a waterfall to swim around. There are hundreds all over the island, but you may need to get up early to find one to have all for yourself. If you do this, please use caution. Natural debris can flow over from the top, and has known to have killed people. If you swim under these falls, make sure you have some clearance from where something might land if it flowed over the top. Also, flash floods kill a lot of people. Check to see that it’s not raining upstream. Sorry, don’t mean to be a party pooper, but better safe than sorry.

77. Have a Beach BBQ

A cheap and fun way to do dinner or lunch is at a bbq on the beach. Maui is dotted with several beach parks with grills already set up for you.

78. Go Sightseeing

Maui has a rich history that can be found in many areas of the island. You’ll want to visit some of the many churches began by the first missionaries on the island. We have some great museums from the Sugarcane Museum to the Paper Airplane Museum.

79. Purchase Souvenirs

Obviously, you’ll want to share your island experience with those left at home, and that’s why there are so many small gifts to purchase on Maui. Most shops and boutiques carry unique Maui items that will fit in your suitcase. Also, there are the bigger stores like Hilo Hattie that have bulk souvenirs for tourists.

80. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding has come back in a big way. This retro activity is fun and easy and can be taught to you fairly quickly on the West or South side of Maui. If you like to longboard, you’ll definitely want to try your hand at paddle boarding.

81. Visit Historic Lahaina Town & Banyan Tree Park

The old whaling town of Lahaina is rich with history. Before it was a whaling harbor, it acted as the meeting place for Hawaiian kings to throw huge parties. One of Lahaina’s prominent features is the Banyan Tree that extends over an entire block.

82. Botanical Gardens

Maui offers many different botanical gardens all around the island. We have some of the most unique and beautiful flowers on Earth.

83. Swim in a Natural Ocean Pool

There are many natural pools built into the rocks around the coastline. One of the best spots can be found on the upper west of Maui. The Olivine Pools are surrounded by a wild volcanic landscape that oddly resembles the moon.

84. Learn to Hula Dance

Hula dancing is a fun thing to learn and can be done for free. Ask a concierge where the closest free lessons can be found. This is an activity that the kids especially enjoy.

85. Go Dancing

There are many fun places to get your groove on in Maui at night. Some fun spots are Casanova’s in Makawao and Hapa’s in Kihei.

86. Watch Fire Dancers

A wild and completely free show can be found on Little Beach on Sunday nights. The nudity gives way to fire dancing after the sun goes down. This is an event that you don’t need to get naked for, but you might as well.

87. Play Tennis

The Wailea tennis club has some serious tennis courts. Many resorts and condominium complexes have courts as well. In perfect weather, why not enjoy a game or two?

88. Make Rock Graffiti

A fun thing to do is go down to a lava area like Makena and use the bleached out dead coral on the beach to shape letters and images on the black and red lava fields. Just place the coral in formations until you’ve made your masterpiece come to life.

89. Go Seashell Collecting

So long as the seashell is uninhabited, you can collect some of our precious shells for the trip. Please make sure to leave them on Maui before you go.

90. Enjoy Tropical Fresh Fruit

Our island is plentiful with fresh fruit. If you aren’t staying somewhere with fruit trees, stop at a fruit stand and sample some of the great fruits we have on Maui. Many of these stands also have unbelievably good banana bread and homemade coconut candy.

91. Explore Tide Pools

The most life on Maui can be found in the tide pools. You’ll find fish, crabs, banana slugs, sea urchins and more when exploring the little arches and pools within the volcanic coasts of Maui. Be very careful not to harm the marine life that you walk around, and remember that it can be slippery.

92. Visit a Bamboo Forest

Many of the best hikes on Maui begin in bamboo forests. Bamboo grows extremely fast and tall which makes for stunning landscapes.

93. Watch the Sunrise in Hana

The sun rises on the East side of the island with dramatic colors. Hana is so peaceful in the morning and can offer a calming awakening that will start your day right.

94. Go Body Surfing

Not all beaches on the island are good for body surfing due to lava formations and dangerous waves. When you find the right sandy beach, the body surfing can be awesome. Some beaches, like Big Beach in Makena, look perfect for Body surfing, but are actually dangerous shore pound.

95. Cliff Diving

From Black Rock in Ka’anapali to the rock cliffs at Venus Pools, Maui is notorious for really good cliff diving areas. Make sure to know where you’ll be landing before jumping and whether it’s deep enough. CAUTION: Just because a local person can clear a landing doesn’t mean you can. We’ve seen some local boys making some pretty sketchy landings that they’ve probably seen and done 10,000 times. Some of these spots are pretty dangerous.

96. Spear Fishing

Spear fishing should be left to professionals that know and understand the fish of Hawaii. If you do your research, you can join these pros and experience a whole new way of fishing.

97. Visit a Red Sand Beach

Hana is home to a perfect isolated red sand beach. It’s also a nudist beach, so be prepared to see some bodies. This bright red beach is mind-blowing and wonderful for pictures.

98. Drop in at a Skate Park

On the water in Paia, you’ll find a full skateboarding park. This can be fun for those of you interested in surfing and skating in the same day.

99. Visit Lanai

Also home to world class golfing, Lanai has some other great features such as clay pigeon shooting and top scuba diving locations. They also have world-class resorts and some of the best camping on the islands.

100. Visit Molokai

Molokai is home to world-class golf and a serene lifestyle. Exploring this island is something special that is mostly appreciated by those looking for a little peace and quiet.

101. Take a Picnic

You can find everything you need from fine wine and cheese to sandwiches and lemonade at the shops all around the island. Take a trip upcountry and find an empty meadow with views of the island.

102. Practice Archery

Lanai Island has archery offered at a modern range. Archery dates back to the 15th century and can be experienced now on the Pineapple Island.

103. Enjoy a Perfect Maui Sunset

The best sunsets on the planet are found in Maui. The South and West shores offer the most spectacular views over the ocean. As the sun dips into the sea, you may see a green flash of light.

104. Watch Big Wave Surfing

During the winter season, the north shore of Maui is hit by massive waves.  Some spots like Ho’okipa and Honolua Bay are pretty easy to access.  Others, like JAWS, are more difficult and sometimes require a 4×4 to get to.  Anyway you get there, it’s worth it.  Brave surfers battle huge waves everyday on these shores, and it’s worth bringing a chair and watching from the cliffs.

105. Go Island Hopping

One of the great things about Maui is that it’s made up of numerous islands at a short distance. You can venture off to the neighboring islands with ease by ferry or plane. Maui’s central location makes it the only island that is almost the same travel distance from all of the other islands, such as Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island.

We hope you enjoyed our list. We’ll be updating it regularly to make sure it’s fresh. Please look through them and write down the fun things that you’d like most to do.

The Maui Goodness and Hawaii Web Group llc are not liable for any injury, destruction of propety, or death caused by doing these activities. Please use your head and take caution before doing any of the above activities. All of these activities have some inherent dangers. We are not responsible for any negative possible consequences. Aloha!