There’s so much to do on the island of Maui, but most visitors don’t know where to start. We’ve decided to list fun things to do in Maui to give our viewers locally preferred options.


86. Maui Film Festival

Maui Film Festival

The Maui Film Festival is known for its stunning venues, including the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, the Seaside Cinema at Wailea Beach, and it’s a cardinal event, the Celestial Cinema at the Wailea Golf Club. The Celestial Cinema features several shorts, award ceremonies, and a double-feature each night of the festival. The best part- the Celestial Cinema is powered completely by solar energy! On top of that, the Maui Film Festival is Hawaii’s only outdoor cinema, so festival-goers are invited to gather under the stars and enjoy the best original films of the year!


Go Seashell Collecting87. Go Seashell Collecting

So long as the seashell is uninhabited, you can collect some of our precious shells for the trip. While most people want to take them home as souvenirs, it is said to greatly anger Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire & Volcanoes, so please make sure to leave them on Maui before you return home. Instead, consider buying locally-made jewelry, lots of which are handcrafted with seashells from around the island.


88. Take an Airplane Tour

Take an Airplane Tour

To truly understand Maui, it’s great to go up on a tour plane. These low-flying slow-moving airplanes can give you a great perspective on our island as well as of our neighboring islands.


Explore a Lava Field89. Explore a Lava Field

Maui’s latest eruption a couple of hundred years ago put the great volcano of Haleakala to rest. The lava fields from the last lava flow make up miles of jagged moon-like landscape on the southern tip of the island. Makena is largely covered in this flow, which is quite breathtaking to visit. To get here, follow the highway down through Kihei, Wailea, and Makena before reaching La Perouse Bay, where you can enjoy great views, snorkeling, and hiking. You may even see Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins resting in the bay.


90. Enjoy a Perfect Maui Sunset

Enjoy a Perfect Maui Sunset

The best sunsets on the planet are found in Maui. The South and West shores offer the most spectacular views over the ocean. As the sun dips into the sea, you may see a green flash of light.


island art party91. Paint With Friends

When was the last time you painted a masterpiece in paradise? While others are scrolling their pay-per-view at the hotel, you could be sipping a glass of wine and painting a sunset or a sea turtle! With the guidance of their Partista (Party Artist) at Island Art Party, your level of expertise won’t matter. You’ll take home a work of art and a few priceless memories.

For more information, call (808) 419-6020.


92. Enjoy Live Music at the MACC

The Maui Arts and Cultural Center is constantly featuring wonderful musical and cultural acts. A couple of times a year, we’ll be graced with large acts of which everyone on the island will go see. This is a fun way to get exposed to local living. Watch your favorite band with Iao Valley and the West Maui Mountains as a background, and make sure to check out their free monthly movie nights under the stars, a perfect way to spend an evening outdoors with your family and friends.


Visit The Maui Ocean Center93. Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center has loads of Hawaiian sea life, from bright coral gardens to an enormous shark tank. This is a great place to visit in any weather.  The kids will love the outside exhibits where you can touch sea stars, and our favorite is the jellyfish tank which is sure to mesmerize you!


94. Swim in a Natural Ocean Pool

swim in a natural pool

There are many natural pools built into the rocks around the coastline. One of the best spots can be found on the upper west of Maui. The Olivine Pools are surrounded by a wild volcanic landscape that oddly resembles the moon. While it’s a rather steep downhill hike to get here, it’s well worth the trek. The winding drive here is much less traveled than most areas around Maui and one that we definitely recommend. Just make sure not to swim if the waves are crashing too high into the pools!


Mountain Biking95. Go Mountain Biking

Nestled mid-slope on Haleakala’s slopes rests Makawao—a lush region that’s been called everything from Hawaii’s last paniolo town to one of the world’s top 25 artist destinations. Dub it what you like but beyond the boutiques, galleries, and cafés downtown you’ll find Makawao Forest Reserve a few miles above the town proper. Beloved for the respite it offers in its gorgeous woods, Makawao Forest Reserve presents seven trails and some of the best mountain biking opportunities on the island (think: exhilarating jumps, hairpin turns, and berms to hit on the downhill). Renting a ride is a snap at nearby Krank Cycles, where the amiable staff can fit you and your crew with the right bike for your size, experience, and style.


96. Go to the Beach

Go to the Beach

This is a no-brainer. It’s free and one of the best activities to do. Choose one of Maui’s best beaches and make the journey.

97. Try some Maui Grown Coffee

Though most of the glory is stolen by the Big Island’s Kona coffee, the Valley Isle grows delicious coffee as well. Our Maui coffee farms are small and offer very personal and unique flavors.  Get some for your trip and take some home!


98. Go Paragliding

From the slopes of Haleakala or stunning areas of East Maui’s Hana, you’ll be swept through the clouds and over the most beautiful island in the world. There are professional paraglide instructors that can take you up right away. Powered Hang Gliding lessons are also available in Hana, where guests enjoy aerial views of Haleakala Crater, waterfalls, cliffs, and the rugged coastline of Hana while learning how to navigate a powered trike. Perfect for thrill-seekers and those who aren’t afraid of heights!


99. Drop in at a Skate Park

On the water in Paia, you’ll find a full skateboarding park. This can be fun for those of you interested in surfing and skating in the same day. Kalama Park in Kihei also has a skate park directly beside the ocean, and Lahaina has a very nice skate park with a cool view of the West Maui Mountains in the background. Pack your skateboard on your next visit or ask around at local bike, surf, and skate shops before you come to see if anyone offers skateboard rentals once you arrive.


100. Yoga

Great Hawaiian healers are world-renowned for their massage and yoga techniques. If you enjoy the serenity of meditation and yoga, take a class, or find a quiet place on a sea cliff to experience what these spiritual people know so well. Maui has a wonderful array of teachers and studios. The Travaasa Hana has small yoga classes and guided meditation.


101. Bird Watching

Kanaha has a wonderful bird sanctuary, but you can also go to Haleakala National Park to see Maui forest birds. Maui is home to many species of beautiful Hawaiian birds. If you plan on driving to the summit of Haleakala, keep an eye for the state bird of Hawaii, the Nene Goose, whose population once decreased to as little as 30 birds but are now much more common since their classification as a protected species.


102. Learn to Salsa Dance

Salsa is a fun way to learn more about dance, your partner, and yourself while having the time of your life. Lessons are offered in Kihei and Paia. Some of the best places to hear Latin music around the island include Lulu’s in Lahaina, Casanova in Makawao, Three’s in Kihei, and Paradise Grill in Kaanapali. Take a lesson and go practice your skills on the nearest dance floor!



We need 5 more things to do in Maui!  Let us know what we should add!


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