Every bride has nightmares about what could go wrong.  And these brides show us just how bad it can be.  Thankfully, you can learn from their horrible mistakes!


#1.  Taking wedding party pictures on or near a body of water can backfire in ways you can’t imagine.


#2.  Inviting furry friends to join in the festivities can be deadly to your dress.


#3.  If you’ve always dreamed of zip lining down the aisle, make sure your groom gets his own zip line.


#4.  You might want to rethink using a tent for your reception if you’re inviting any amateur pole dancers.


#5.  Don’t hand the bride a tray of flaming drinks.  Should be an obvious one, but not for everyone.


#6.  It’s worth repeating.  Any part of your wedding near a body of water can end horribly.


#7.  When cutting a 5-tier cake, you might want to think twice about using a sword.


#8.  When a bride dreams of her perfect wedding day, champagne cork nosebleeds and bouquet black eye aren’t usually on her list.


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