zipline tours mauiMaui has a ton of options when it comes to outdoor activities. Whether it’s scuba diving, surfing, parasailing, kayaking, hiking, biking or exploring the endlessly beautiful landscape on horseback, there’s an option for every kind of traveler. 

In the past decade, ziplining on Maui has really taken off, and for good reason. With spectacular courses all throughout the island, including Upcountry, east, west and central Maui, some of the absolute best views of Maui can be seen from the ziplines themselves (assuming you’re not closing your eyes the whole time, that is). Located at Maui Tropical Plantation, Maui Zipline is one of the best, thrilling and most convenient options for a midday adventure! 808.633.2464


Best Maui Zipline Perks

#1 Convenient Location

While Maui is a relatively small island, most visitors are surprised at how long it actually takes to travel to different areas of the island. What may seem like a 20 minute drive on a map can take upwards of an hour depending on traffic, construction, and winding, narrow roadways. 

One of the best perks about Maui Zipline is it’s convenient (and very rarely congested) located in Waikapu, which often takes no more than 15-30 minutes from any popular tourist area of Maui. This also makes for an easy combined day trip to Iao Valley State Park, Wailuku Town, and even the Maui Ocean Center at Ma’alaea Harbor. 

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#2 Amazing Views

You won’t find many more overwhelmingly lush, vast places on Maui than the Maui Tropical Plantation. Overlooking the West Maui Mountains and home to Kumu Farms, a large sparkling duck pond, gorgeous landscaped gardens, gazebos, treehouses and more, the property is a glorious view in and of itself.

From the property’s 5 ziplines, however, you’re in for a real treat. Located well over the ground, guests will be treated to views of Haleakala Volcano, Maui’s dramatic coastline, Pacific Ocean and the surrounding garden and nearby mountain scenery. Stunning!

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#3 Family-Friendly

If you think you’re too old or young to participate in this ziplining course, chances are you should reconsider. They’ve had guests 5 years old to 88 years old, and everywhere in between! Compared to other zipline courses, this one actually has the most opportunity for the youngest kiddos to participate. 

Plus, each of the 5 ziplines is side-by-side, meaning you can race the other members of your group, whether it be a sibling, parent, friend, cousin, uncle or grandparent!

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#4 Helpful Staff

No matter what your level of comfortability or experience with heights or ziplining, the experienced guides are sure to make you feel at ease. Everyone was extremely welcoming, patient and helpful during our tour, and made us feel extremely safe, calm, and excited to try it out.

If you’re hesitant about ziplining, relax and let the guides lead the way. Or, if you prefer to pass on the tour itself, you’re invited to walk the grounds and watch the other members of your group during their experience.

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#5 Surrounding Property Entertainment

Another excellent perk about this zipline tour is the opportunity for exploration, both before and after! Be sure to take time to walk the Plantation grounds, and even join the multi-daily Tropical Tram Tour, have a delicious lunch (or post-zip happy hour) at The Mill House, browse the several local shops, enjoy a Hawaiian shave ice, sample fresh Maui made coffee, or visit the Kumu Farms stand.

You can easily spend half a day at just the Plantation itself, and still not see and do everything. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your adventure time in tropical paradise!

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Mahalo for reading! To make a zipline reservation or for more information, please visit Maui Zipline or call 808.633.2464. 

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