Love In MauiWe’ve already discussed some fun Maui proposal ideas, but here’s another one that is truly unique.  Why not get engaged on a private cruise?  Surprise your lady by chartering an inexpensive private catamaran for your big moment!

Here’s what you do:

  • Get a ring.  Make sure it’s SECURELY on your person.  Keeping it in the box, or tying it to a string on your belt, isn’t a bad idea.  You don’t want it falling into the ocean.  Buzz kill.
  • Book a private Maui sunset cruise on the Aikane X5.  This 62 foot catamaran offers the best prices for private tours.  It’s a big beautiful boat, and they specialize in private wedding proposal trips. If you want to go snorkeling, you can book a private tour during the day.  Either way is cool.  The boat rents for $575/hour for private trips.  It’s much less expensive than other private trips on other boats.  When pondering the price, keep in mind the priceless story that will be told from generation to generation.  You’ll be a hero to your family, her family and all of her friends (though your buddies may look like chumps for proposing at the Olive Garden.)  Call them to book your trip by calling: 1-800-490-0849
  • Tell your lady you’ve booked a sunset cruise for you and her.  Don’t mention it’s private.  If you’re visiting Maui with friends, let her know you want to do it with just you and her (unless you want them on the boat too.  Could be fun to have them there to take some photos of you and celebrate.) If you do want your friends to join you, you may not need to do a private tour.  Aikane X5 limits it’s shared cruises to no more than 12 people (still pretty private.)
  • Have fun!

Make her friends jealous, look like a baller to your friends, and take advantage of a beautiful opportunity to express your love in a memorable way.  Good Luck!

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