Sadly, some of the activities on Maui are NOT ecologically friendly.  Even though whale watching increases our visitor’s knowledge and appreciation of Humpback Whales, the occasional boat strike puts them in harm.  Jet ski, para-sailing, helicopter tours, and even driving the Road to Hana dumps fumes from engines into the atmosphere.  Seeing that our island is economically tied to tourism, and understanding that the land and animal protection needed to run these activities far out ways the harm some of these activities may create to our environment, we believe Maui is in a better position than most places in the world to build on our already steady stance on environmental protection. We’d like to put a spotlight on some of the activities that have a positive impact on our world, economically and ecologically.  The first activity we’d like to discuss is Ziplining.

Ziplining – #1 Eco-Friendly Activity

With over 1 million safe customer zipline crossings, it’s incredible to think that a company like Skyline Eco-adventures could maintain a minimal ecological footprint while running at such a high-volume of visitors.  We’d like to commend them in their efforts to educate each zipline patron on the unique culture and environment surrounding their activity areas.  Not only do they inform their customers about the fragile eco-systems around them, but they have visitors enjoy the process. One of the biggest pluses Skyline Eco-Adventures have offered to Maui is their keeping our land pure.  In oZipline Experiencerder to run a successful zipline course, the many acres of land used need to be protected.  Nature then becomes part of the attraction.  Without their involvement, it’s possible that the purity of the land would be developed and destroyed. Of all the activities you can do while visiting Maui, consider the excitement of ziplining with Skyline Eco-Adventures.  You’re not only getting your money’s worth with an unforgettable experience, but you’re also enjoying mother nature while doing some mild hiking, learning about the land and its sacred culture, and you’re helping to protect our island. You can learn more about them and other zipline courses at zipline in Maui.  


Here at Maui Goodness, we’ll continue to experience the fun you provide as well as share it with the world.  ALOHA!