Andy Irons

Kaua’i Native and three time World ASP Surfing Champion, Andy Irons, died at the age of 32 today.  He was flying back from Puerto Rico after withdrawing from the 9th event of the 2010 ASP tour.  During a layover in Dallas, Texas, Andy died.

It’s reported that he withdrew because of illness.  The symptoms resembled that of Dengue Fever, a nasty viral disease carried by mosquitoes in tropical climates with polluted waters.  We had a friend get it on one of our trips to Bali, Indonesia.  She looked like she was going to die.  Very heavy.  Turns out that it’s usually not fatal the first time you get it, but if you get it twice, your chances become slim.

Andy Irons’ wife, Lyndie Irons, his brother, Bruce Irons, and the rest of the Irons family request to be respectfully left alone while they grieve.

Andy has been a hero to the people of Hawaii.  His grace under pressure, enthusiasm for the sport of surfing, and his sportsman-like conduct will leave him a legend to all that knew of him.  Andy Irons won the world title of surfing in 2002, 2003, and 2004.

These photos are of Andy at the 2009 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Surfing Competition.

Andy Irons Surfer