maui-pineapple-companyMaui Pineapple Company, operated by Maui Land & Pineapple Company, will end all pineapple production in Maui, Hawaii. Warren Haruki, the Chairman and Interim CEO of ML&P, said that since 2002, Maui Pineapple Company (MPC) has lost $115 million in the businesses as well as $20 million they’d invested in a new fresh packing facility. They’ve been working for a year at making it profitable again but to no avail.

100’s of employees will be laid off as a century old business is shut down. Many are worried about what will happen with the 2,000 acres used in the ceased pineapple operations. Though ML&P has expressed that it will be used for other agricultural products, only time will tell whether it’s really sold for commercial and residential property.

This marks the end of an iconic industry that runs deep in many local families’ roots. With sugarcane also suffering, it’s not difficult to imagine what might happen to all of Maui eventually. Let’s hope we can keep the central valley green a little longer.