Big Beach LifeguardsMaui’s Big Beach (Makena Beach) is finally getting lifeguards!  Today, over a dozen lifeguards trained near the second entrance as a lifeguard tower was put together.

The dangers at Makena State Park are SERIOUS!  The shore break is extremely powerful even when there’s little to no real swell in the water.  Incidents of injury and death have become common place on Big Beach.  Finally, we’ll have some professionals to take care of the many visitors that are unaware of the dangers.  Read more on Big Beach Dangers.

Lifeguard in TrainingFunding for the lifeguards at Big Beach had been approved back in July of 2007. It’s taken 2-3 years for us to see the reality.  Due to impedments from the DLNR (the Department of Land and Natural Resources), it seems that we’ve had to wait this long for action.  It’s a shame that this should happen, seeing that many people have been hurt and some killed during their stagnation.

After watching the actions (and inaction) of the DLNR over the last few years especially, it’s fair to say that the interest of Maui residents and visitors are not at heart.  Many of their actions bare little effect and only harm the tourist industry and local Maui residents’ way of life.  If there ever was a time for reform among the DLNR, it is now.

Lifeguard trainingTo our future lifeguards: Thank you for taking on this difficult task.  Though you’ll be working pretty hard to keep people from hurting themselves, you will be lucky enough to be the only ones making a living on Big Beach. Not a bad life!

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Lifeguard Tower