Maui moneyNowadays, it seems everyone in the world is suffering at least a little bit.  Maui and Hawaii are no exceptions.  After dealing with companies on Maui for many years now, we’ve identified some common traits that are keeping regular Maui business owners down, especially right now.  Here are a few things that you can do for your Hawaii Business that will keep you from going under.

  1. Take Responsibility. When you have bills to pay, pay them on time.  If you don’t have the money, you shouldn’t have spent it.  If you need more money, see our next point.
  2. Stop Complaining and start Maximizing your Business Potential!It’s possible that you’re business has run very well for the last 10-20 years while still operating in the stone age.  Keep in mind, it’s easy to keep things running smoothly when the economy is growing and visitors continue to come.  You need to realize that successful businesses don’t just GROW.  The true meaning of a successful business is an adaptable business that becomes more efficient with time, offering a more superior product year after year. Having 100 shops  that are all poorly run does not make you a success. You need to begin finding ways not only to save where you’re wasting, but also to maximize areas that work the best.  Cut needless costs, promote the most positive points of your business, and take advantage of opportunities that are new to this day and age (which brings me to my next point.)
  3. Don’t be left behind because of Ignorance. If you’re business has yet to figure out that the web is the driving force for huge amounts of sales and inexpensive marketing, you can bet your competition has!  Just having a website is not enough.  Make sure people are getting to your site, through Sponsored listings, Referring websites, and our favorite, Search Engine Organic listings (FREE!)  Find some one to begin getting quality traffic to your website, and make sure your site doesn’t waste it once it gets it.  See Hawaii Web Group for quality Web Design, SEO, SEM, and PPC.  If you don’t know what these are, you should.  Have them explain it and find out how they can save you money and increase your profits ASAP.
  4. Leave the Drama at home and Play Ethically. This is pretty standard for any community, but is especially important on Maui.  It has become all too clear how much Maui is like one big High School when it comes to business.  Everyone knows everyone, and they all have an opinion.  This island is small, and it astonishes me to see how many companies burn bridges, and more disturbingly screw other companies over.  Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated and stay out of the drama.  If you aren’t spreading gossip, rumors, or talking down the competition, you may be left out of the same conversations on the other side.
  5. Show Up!  And on Time! I know this sounds crazy.  But in these times, we need every competitive edge we can get over our Hawaii competition.  Doing this will give you a foot in the door (because you know your competition will show up late!)
  6. Reinvent your business!  Go Green! Ok, you’ve heard this before.  I’m not writing this on Hemp paper with incense burning.  I’m not suggesting you follow the trendy thing to do.  Rather, It’s become an obvious fact that companies whom take an interest in it’s own negative environmental contribution are appreciated and preferred over the more callous competition.  It’s not impossible, and can save your company a lot of money.  Once you’ve thoroughly looked at your company for needless waste, you’ll find many ways to save money.  Invest that money in more environmental and community friendly resources, and you’ll find a new angle at which to promote yourself.  It’ll pay off largely in a very short time.
  7. Go Local! Take advantage of the local community resources.  This goes for personnel, commodities, and anything else that you can do to contribute to the island.  Yah, you may be able to get it cheaper from the mainland or another country, but the positive contribution will be recognized by those that receive it and will most likely be reciprocated in some way (which most always makes up for the cost.)  Plus, you’re feeding another Maui business which helps everyone.  The more we keep our money on Maui, the more we benefit directly and indirectly from it.
  8. Continue to live life free from fear! I’m not saying,”spend! Spend! Spend!  Don’t worry about anything!”  What I mean is to be frugal, but don’t cut off your spending on Maui entirely.  Don’t let the media scare you into buying Euro dollars and living on Top Raman.  Continue to live life as you would, but with less extravagance and a more cautious eye.  The world is in a crazy place, but living in fear will only make things worse.
  9. Find synergy with other businesses and opportunities! Find other local businesses that look as though they could benefit from working with you and vice versa.  Even your competitors can be used to help you make money if you use the right angle.  Just because you’re selling the same thing doesn’t mean you can’t help each other.  look into a relaxed partnership with a competitor to bulk up on things that make your product cheaper, better, and more desirable.
  10. Preach and Spread Aloha! I know it’s a bit cliche, but that’s what people want.  Many people on the islands have forgotten how to live with aloha.  More importantly, many have stopped preaching its importance.  When you live with goodwill and a positive demeanor, it becomes infectious.  The happier we all are, the more valuable our home becomes, and the higher our quality of life becomes.

This was written by Chris Norberg, project manager of Hawaii Web Group LLC.  Their company has increased profits while building on new and continuing clients even with a down economy.  Much of their success is said to derive from their continual evolution as a business by staying one step ahead of popular trends and taking new technologies and using them for everyone’s benefit.  Learn how they can help you turn things around and become successful in these difficult times.


QUICK UPDATE: Our holiday season was busy as ever, despite the many doom and gloom predictions. We feel the coming months will be difficult for many, though if you can pull through until summer, you’ll be rewarded. This summer will be an excellent opportunity for business in Hawaii to take advantage of the competitions poor business practices.

Use your head and stay ahead. Summer is just around the corner. Take advantage of new visitors from new regions. The money is going to be there, it’s just whether you’ll be getting a piece of the pie or not. SPREAD THE ALOHA!