helicopter-viewWe know who you are.  You’re the one with your socks and shoes on at the beach.  You’re arms are crossed and your face says it all.  You don’t want to be here.  You may have come to Maui for your spouse or for a work trip.  But you don’t want to get sand between your toes and ocean water in your ears.  Believe it or not, we may be able to convince you to fall in love with Maui!  Our beaches are stunning, but there’s another side of this island that we will clue you in to.  We promise, no sand in the socks.


Makawao Rodeo

You may have been to a rodeo or two in your day, but this rodeo isn’t the usual show.  For the last 60 years, our paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) have celebrated the 4th of July by wrangling cattle and riding broncos bareback.  The celebratory parade is fun for all, and you finally can check “Hawaiian Rodeo” off your bucket list.



Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Ride

While you may not be a fan of sandy toes, it’s hard to deny the breathtaking beauty of the aqua waters and sugary white beaches.  Now you can have your cake and eat it too!  Why not float over the Pacific Ocean in a quiet-technology EcoStar helicopter?  You can get an ariel view of whales breaching or hidden valleys without leaving the comfort of your first-class seat.  You can pick from their extensive tour packages, and decide if you feel like peering over Hawaii’s tallest waterfall or glimpsing at the rugged coastline.  Feel like seeing it all?  Of course they have a tour for that as well.  Celebrity service with a smile!  

blue hawaiian helicopter


Slack Key Show

  These masters of Hawaiian music will have you swaying in your seat!  The concert series recordings have won 3 Grammys, but you’d never guess from their casual ambience.  You will be treated to a hula show, sensational music and cultural storytelling.  The few hours spent here will most likely be a favorite, regardless of your affinity for the beach.

slack key show

Lahaina Stables

  If you packed a pair of jeans on this trip, you have now found their purpose!  Horseback riding along the mountainside at sunset will take your breath away.  These lovingly kept horses are led by knowledgable guides that make sure your experience is above par.  And you go nowhere near the water’s edge, which will make both you and your horse happy.  

horseback riding

Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery

Why not support this environmentally conscious company while sipping their organic sugar cane distilled vodka?  Stroll along their pesticide-free grounds and admire the solar panels used to power 100% of their operations.  Make your way over to their “Martini Garden”, where you will find organic treats such as lilikoi and lavender.  Stick around for the lunch and vodka sampling, and you’ll end this tour with a newfound respect for the “Ocean”.


Leilani Farm Sanctuary

If your parents ever told you your pet went to live on a farm, this is the farm you’d hope they found themselves on!  Those with a heart for four-legged friends will be in hog heaven here!  This 8-acre utopia is home to goats, rabbits, donkeys, cats, peahens, pigs, ducks, deer and chickens.  The goal of the Leilani Farm is to compassionately shelter and care for previously abused or mistreated animals.  And one look at that joyful bunch will convince you that they’re doing a fantastic job!  Add a few bunny kisses and goat cuddles, and you’ve created a very special non-beach memory!

farm animals


Emerald City Trapeze Arts

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s…you!  How often do you have the opportunity to take a literal leap of faith from a two-story rig, soaring through the balmy Maui air into the hands of an advanced aerialist?  With the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other side, you will be schooled in the art of flying trapeze.  The instructors love their job so much, you may consider a career change!  



Chez Klio Cooking Class

While others are spending the day beachside, you can spend the day above it all in Kula.  Yasko Lagneron opens up her private home to guests where she shares her homestyle cooking secrets with you, picking the menu that suits your palate.  You will spend the day chopping and dicing organic local produce, being entertained by her delightful storytelling.  You will sit down to enjoy your well-earned meal at her dining room table in her sunroom overlooking the expansive ocean view.  This 6 hour event will not only be well spent, you will have left-overs to use as bragging rights.  

cooking class

Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center

While walking through this open air house built in 1917, you will be opened to aspects of cultural awareness through different mediums and themes.  Art isn’t the only thing to inspire you, as you look out amongst their magnificent views of Haleakala, West Maui Mountains and Maui’s North Shore.  In their own words, “We truly believe that art has the power to improve individuals, our community and our future.”  Go to be inspired and leave with a little bit of Hawaiian culture and art tucked into your experience of Maui.  

hui art

Lahaina Jodo Mission

 If you haven’t had a chance to see the worlds largest Buddha in Japan, then why not settle for the second-largest Buddha at this Buddhist temple?  Amidst serene and peaceful gardens, this temple is a tranquil stop.  And if you’ve brought along a few beach lovers, let them explore the pristine beach next door while you meditate.  If you happen upon this temple around 8:00 pm, stick around for the 3,000 pound bell ringing, which is to remind followers of the places to seek guidance and commitment to the eightfold path.  

lahaina jodo mission

The Hāna Fresh Farm, Nutrition Center and Farm Stand

If you’ve found yourself in the lush vegetation of Hana, then you’ve also discovered the lack of options for where to eat.  Do not be deterred by their green food tent placed in front of the health clinic.  Fresh eggs and savory potatoes top their breakfast fare and they have espresso and lattes for those who need a little help waking up (you’ll be hard-pressed to find good coffee up here!).  Homemade granola and fresh local fruit are a must to accompany your healthy and delicious local fruit smoothie.  And lunch is equally as star-studded!  Using crisp local greens and organic chicken for the Chicken Orzo makes their lovingly prepared meals all the more enjoyed.  


First Fridays

Join the locals and enjoy our Friday town parties!  These celebrations showcase our history and culture while plying you with delicious food and festive music.  Local art will visually stimulate you as you walk along the streets lined with unique purveyors.  You can find your dinner, entertainment and going home gifts all in one place!

first friday 

No sand or sea in your britches with this list!  You are now able to tell others you love Maui without ever setting foot on the beach!