private hiking tours mauiWe’ve all had this happen. You plan a trip, carefully doing your diligent research, taking notes, screenshots, double checking with locals, etc., only to get totally, utterly, completely friggin’ lost. Just plain don’t know where you are, but it’s definitely not where you meant to be kind of lost. Sigh. 

This happens all too often in the case of hiking trails, ‘secret’ attractions, and mysterious natural marvels on Maui. And it’s not awesome.

Personally, the first time I drove the Road to Hana, armed with the locally despised Maui Revealed book, I didn’t really know what the hell I was supposed to be looking for. Is this mile marker 17.5?! Have we passed that one sign by that one tree with that one waterfall?! Is this Hana or a rest stop?! Who’s to say!

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And also from personal experience, the last thing you want to do is end up trampling across someone’s private property holding a copy of a guide book looking for a secret waterfall, ocean cliff, beach or swimming hole that doesn’t exist. Imagine how you’d feel if a group of befuddled strangers suddenly appeared on your front porch in San Diego asking where the nearest coffee shop was in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. Not cool, brah. 

Also, most people venture to Maui to do one thing, and one thing only – relax. How relaxing is it to plant your nose in your out-of-service Google maps whilst navigating windy, wet roads on steep, panic-inducing cliffs, you may ask? Not very. Hence the reason many travelers opt for the resort bar instead of the Road to Hana. 

private hiking tours maui

But hey, you shouldn’t have to compromise on relaxation and adventure. After all, if it’s really just mai tais by the pool you’re after, Florida’s lovely for that. Hence the reason we suggest a private tour with Epic Experience Maui, where you get the best of both worlds – a half day or full day of fully customizable adventures to many of Maui’s best hidden spots, accompanied by only the people you choose, as well as absolutely no need for guide books, Siri, maps, or direction-asking. Win win! 

They pick you up, drop you off, and lead the way in between, and we were blown away by the modifications made to appease every member of our group, no matter their personal level of fitness or comfortability.

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Half-day tour options include the North Shore Waterfall Adventure and West Maui Hiking Tour, while full-day tour options include the West Maui Circle and Day on Lana’i, Maui’s neighbor island which can be easily reached by a short ferry ride. 

Skip the befuddledness, score the adventure. For more information or to book a tour, please visit Epic Experience Maui or call 908.256.6365. 

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