Looking to rent a home/condo when visiting the island of Maui?  Good idea!  We find that couples and/or families that rent homes save an enormous amount of money over staying at at resorts.  There are several reasons for this:

  • Resorts tend to charge for things that vacation rentals don’t.  A good example is using certain areas of the pool.
  • With a kitchen, you save a bundle!  Doing even just 1 meal a day at the house will save you considerably.
  • Cocktails!  Resort bars and pool bars will crush your wallet.

With that extra money you save, why not put a few extra bucks into your accommodations?  With Hawaii Bound, agents will help you find the perfect spot for you and your family.  Call today and ask about inexpensive, beautiful homes.  You won’t believe the kind of places that are available on Maui. And if you’re looking for a home, check out these great Maui real estate agents.  These agents are the best in finding deals on Maui.