We’ve decided to open up posting to Maui Realtors as well as Maui Developers for FREE on our Maui Real Estate and Development Blog!  We will continue posting about Maui real estate, but we now want to offer this site to other Maui Professionals. Already we’ve had Maui Realtor Sherri Vann promote her open house on here with great success.


Maui real estateWhat you need to do:

  1. Email us at the above address in red.  Let us know that you’re serious about writing blog post(s).
  2. In the Right Column of this page, at the bottom you’ll see a REGISTER link under Subscribe.  Click.
  3. Register.  We will then accept you within 24-48 hours.
  4. Write Blog Post(s).

Rules for Writing:

  • You may only write about Maui related subjects.  We prefer only Maui Real Estate and Maui Development posts.  These can include a home for sale, new project in development, Maui news, or any other related subject.
  • You MAY NOT write solely to promote yourself our your company.  This means the post must have some substance.
  • The post must be at least a paragraph long.
  • Grammar and Spelling must be checked before submitting.
  • The post MAY NOT be duplicate content from another website.
  • Only 2 links per post.  These links must be Maui related.
  • PHOTOS: They must be saved for web.  We don’t want people posting huge files.

If all of this is done, your post will be accepted and posted.  If not, you will be deleted as a user immediately.

Why are we doing this?

Our site gets over 1,000 visitors per month and growing.  We’ve projected that this site will hit 3,000 in less than a year.  It takes quite a lot of time to promote this site, and we need your help in posting relevant, helpful Maui information.  This is a great way for you to promote your business, real estate, development, or any other Maui subject.  We’re open to any relevant topic.  Please don’t write short, crappy posts; you will be deleted forever.  Mahalo!