Maui Zipline Tours

Maui Zip lineFounded in 2002, Skyline Eco-Adventures now offers two locations for ziplining on Maui, Hawaii. The Haleakala Skyline Tour is phenomenal with views of the South and North Coast as well as the West Maui Mountains and the Central Valley. You’ll zip across 5 lines while learning about the ecology of upcountry Maui. Each zipline becomes increasingly more exciting with longer distances, bigger heights, and much more speed. Before each crossing, you’re given some insight into the endangered bird that the Maui zipline is named after. A portion of your ticket goes to the preservation of these birds as well as other Maui conservation efforts. Safety is the primary concern of your 2 zipline tour guides of whom personally hook each person up themselves.

For those worried about equipment and cables, the lines you cross are strong enough to hold a full-sized car. All of the equipment has been tested for safety. Maui ziplineThe last crossing is by far the most fun. Each time you zip across a gulch, or over waterfalls, you’ll find that you want more. You finally get it with the last run when you’re hurled at incredible speeds over a long forest gulch. Besides the adrenaline rush of the Maui ziplines, taking a walk through Eucalyptus forests with incredible views makes this a journey worth making.

The Kaanapali Skyline Adventure takes twice as long with 8 ziplines. You’ll experience views of West Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Lahaina, and some gorgeous waterfalls. A step up from the Haleakala Tour, ziplining in Kaanapali is a half-day trip you’ll never forget. Make sure to wear good shoes and something warm. Long pants and a jacket are very nice to have when upcountry, especially while zipping at high speeds.

This Maui Zipline Video was taken at the Skyline Eco Adventure Kaanapali Course. The terrain is different than the zipline discussed above, but just as fun. You’ll see below!

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