Maui Guide Rebuild

maui websiteThe final touches are currently being finished on our main website: the Maui Information Guide. This website rebuild is 2 years in the making!  That’s right, we’re doing more than just rebuilding the look.  We expect to launch February 15th!

New Features

  • More Photos – larger photos from professional photographers will be featured along with slideshows.
  • More Videos – We’re building new videos everyday!  We’ll be adding them to each relevant page to further your experience.
  • Better Content – The current content is being rewritten with more accurate information and new popular content is being added with YOUR input!
  • Your Input! – We’re opening up our site to allow more commenting, reviews, and ratings from you!  A new blog is also being added, which YOU can contribute to!
  • More Custom Maps – We love building specific, easy to read maps for you.  Expect many more!

Design Changes

  • Responsive – Our new site will look great on all devices and screen sizes.  All the important information will still be on smaller devices, but it’ll be much easier to read and navigate.
  • Larger Fonts – The new fonts we use are bigger and clearer, which makes everything easier to read.
  • Simpler Navigation – We’ve cut down the navigation to the core categories.  We’ve also made it follow you as you scroll for easy access.  You can also use the Breadcrumbs to see how far you’ve gone.
  • More Relevant Pages – As we concentrate on categories, we’re adding more relevant pages to each one.  That way, as you’re reading a specific page, you’ll see options to read more about the subject.
  • Less Advertising – We’re cutting down on advertising space in order to offer a better user experience.  We only have advertisers that are relevant and of whom we believe have a great product.
  • Better Organization - You can now search our site with a search bar, search by area of the island, and by most popular pages.

New Blog!

The new blog will allow for Maui residents and Maui visitors to post their own reviews and experiences!  We’re opening our new blog to the world, and expect great things from you!  We’ll also be posting our own reviews, event information, and photos-of-the-day.

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15 Responses So Far... Leave a Reply:

  1. Brenda Lopez says:

    Looking forward to this being complete!! Like the content so far will keep checking back!

  2. Maui Guide says:

    Stop teasing us and get this launched already. The public needs it. ;)

  3. Daria Essary says:

    Looks good. I can’t wait to get back there this summer

  4. Katy Greer says:

    ohhh awesome! ready to do some reading here! show us da best!

  5. Priscilla Jewell says:

    Looking good so far…can’t wait to see the finished product.

  6. Tania says:

    So many and such great changes to look forward to.

    Can’t wait…

    • Maui Hawaii says:

      Mahalo! It’s a mammoth project. The site was around 180 pages, but in rebuilding, we’ve had to build many more. It’s well over 200 and growing now. Should be a cool site though.

  7. Looks like it will be very nice. Looking forward to sending the link to visiting friends.

  8. Erik Blair says:

    Can’t friggin wait bruddah!!! Aloha

  9. Looks great! Didn’t realize you did the Information Guide. Nice work.