Turtles MauiIs there actually a place where turtles congregate in large groups?

Yes, but there is a bit of misleading going on.

Is there one single place that is known as turtle town?

No. Tour operators refer to Turtle Town to help sell tours.

Do they go to places with lots of turtles?


The bottomline:

Green sea turtles are everywhere in the waters of Maui and Hawaii in general. Some areas more than others. Captains of tour boats generally know areas that have more than others, and will take you there. Commonly, some of these spots are turtle cleaning stations. Sea turtles know where to go where certain fish live that will eat the algae off of their shells, cleaning them. These cleaning stations are wonderful spots to view turtles. Also, areas with less people often have more turtles. Turtles generally don’t like a lot of human attention.The next time someone mentions a magical place called Turtle Town, keep in mind that there might be another turtle town even closer to where you are staying. The best thing to do is to ask a local, or someone who works at a snorkeling/scuba shop where to find the largest concentration of turtles. Most likely, you’ll find a couple right in front of your hotel.

Important: Sea turtles are protected and it is illegal to touch them!

This law was not put into place to just keep from bothering them. humans touching sealife can often cause harm due to the oils and bacteria in our skin. Also, when people come into contact with turtles, they can become quickly exhausted leaving them in stress with less defensive strength. The main reason it can be detrimental to their health is because of all the movies people see of riding on sea turtles backs. With the over-exertion, turtles can drown. They need to breath at the surface just like us. Respect all sealife, and don’t touch anything. When we touch things in the ocean, we put ourselves at risk of being hurt as well as possibly harming what we touch.